The Light at the End of the Tunnel

This phrase has a couple of different meanings for me. First of all, today marks a year since I had my spinal fusion surgery. In the weeks after, I seriously questioned the wisdom of having it done. Although I had relatively little post-op pain, I had two weeks of continuous nausea and I couldn't even do the simplest of tasks by my self. And I had heard horror stories of other people who had it done and they ended up in worse shape, having multiple surgeries. The thought of having to go through that again terrified me! However, I also knew that I was in such pain beforehand, I really didn't have much choice.  Bill was an excellent nurse and after about a month I was at least able to take care of myself. There have been times over the past year that I've become a little discouraged, but my doctor kept reminding me that recovery from this type of surgery takes at least a year. And he was right! I'm happy to report that I am back to normal – completely pain free. I haven't started running yet. I've been a little nervous about it, but Abby and the girls want me to run a 5k with them in the spring so I think I'll start training after Christmas. I don't think I'll ever do a half marathon again, but a 5K should be within reach.

The second meaning is that I am reaching the end of a longterm project. I've been working on this quilt for at least a year and a half (or more) and am in the last stages of sewing down the binding!


There is such satisfaction in finishing off a long term project like this. So much emphasis today is put on finishing things quickly and there are so few quilters left anymore who do hand quilting. I certainly don't have anything against machine quilting and hope to hone my skills in the coming year. But I will always have a hand quilting project going to remind myself that fast isn't always better.

Since we didn't decorate at all for Christmas last year, we decided to go all out this year. Isobel and Ivy came up and decorated the tree for me.


IMG_7211 2

It was so exhausting, they had to chill out after.

IMG_7215 2

I'm amazed at how big they're getting. By this time next year, I expect Isobel to be taller than me.

I have more projects to show, but they're stealth projects for the Christmas tree, so you'll have to wait. For everyone who celebrates Christmas – have a very happy one. See you next year!