Blah, Blah, Blah

I think all of us in the Pacific Northwest have a case of the blahs.  Once again it is dreary, cloudy and rainy.  We've had a couple of spectacular days – all the way up to 70!  But for the most part we are still struggling to even make 60 on some days.  I try very hard not to complain – I'd much rather have this than extreme heat, but it does wear one down.

I seem to have hit a blah with all of my projects as well.  I spent yesterday and today working on a little tote bag that I thought was going to be just the cutest thing ever!  But when I got done, something about it just didn't thrill me, and I'm not sure what it is. 



What is it?  Is it something as simple as the handles are too far apart?  Too tall/wide, not tall/wide enough?  I'm wanting to make some for my etsy shop and if it doesn't thrill me, it probably won't thrill others either.  Any opinions or advice would be welcome.  What would you like to see in a small knitting/project bag?

I did manage to finish the boring socks!


I'm not sure what I'm doing next, but it will be something with a lot more interest!

Perhaps the blahs are due to changes around the old homestead.  We've had some weeping cherry trees out front since shortly after we bought the house over 25 years ago.  We watched them grow from little saplings to mature trees.  Unfortunately they have reach the end of their lifespan and are starting to die.  In addition, there is some concern about the roots and our drainfield.  So – they had to go. 





I'm looking forward to getting the area landscaped.  We have a friend who is a Master Gardener and she's going to come over and help us out.  I'm hoping to get something with some color.  The lavender that is in the foreground is coming out as well.  Perhaps some irises – I caught this beauty while walking Maggie down by the beach:


We did have a little bit of excitement this week – my old boss, Dr. Olson,  and his wife surprised us with a visit.  Of course, it was on the day that I decided to clean out the guest room closet and there was junk scattered all over the house and I was wearing my sloppiest clothes and no makeup! 


They certainly didn't seem to mind and we were so happy to see them.  I don't miss my job, but I do miss him.  He is finishing up his orthodontic degree at Loma Linda and then will be looking at where he will practice.  He hasn't ruled out our little town, so we're hoping!  But no, I will not be going back to work for him.

A busy week ahead as we prepare for having the granddaughters starting on Friday.  They will be staying with us for a whole week.  Gotta rest up!!


R.A.K. and All Nighters

I was the fortunate recipient of a Random Act of Kindness last week!  Hubby had gone to check the mail and came trudging up the driveway with a big box.  "Did you order something?  It's really heavy!"  I told him I hadn't.  The return address label was from Corgi Hill Farms – known for her fabulous fiber.  I hadn't ordered anything from AnnaMarie, and even then her boxes tend to be light as a feather.  Imagine my delight when I opened the box and found this:


72 fat quarters (and a couple of pieces that are probably a half yard or so)!!  AnnaMarie is clearing out her belongings in preparation for a move and thought that I might like to have these for the little cases that I'm making.  They are beyond perfect.  They are all high quality fabric and the prints are just lovely.  I have to admit, this unexpected gift made me cry!

Last Friday and Saturday I took part in our local Relay for Life.  I belong to a group at our church called "Faithfully Fit".  We're a support group for healthy eating and living.  We decided to field a team this year because two of our members have had battles with cancer.  Ann is in remission from breast cancer.  Bebe has been undergoing chemo for ovarian cancer and just a few days before the walk was declared to be in remission!  A huge cause for celebration!  The first lap around the track is done by cancer survivors and is pretty emotional.


That's Bebe in the white cap waving at all her admirers.   A hardy few of us volunteered to stay all night.  I was hoping to get a few hours sleep in our tent, but those hopes were unrealistic!  It was SO cold and there was constant noise.  If you think karaoke is bad in the best of times, try it at 2:00 a.m. when you're cold and exhausted!  Those of us who stayed were pretty unanimous in our decision that we will not stay next year.  We're just too old for this.  Next year we're going to enlist the youth of the church for the night shift.  But our efforts were definitely rewarded.  We raised over $5,000 with our group alone and the total for the entire event was around $200,000!!

In celebraton of my friend's good news, I started a new shawl for her.  After much deliberation and more than a few false starts, I am knitting the Holden Shawlette.   This is a pretty, free pattern from Ravelry that only takes one skein of sock yarn.  However, it does start out with – you guessed it – lots of stockinette stitch.  I just can't seem to get away from that!

I've started a new line for my etsy shop as well.  iPad cases! 



I'm very pleased with these and hope they will be successful.  So far so good – I sold one before I could even put it up in the shop!

We've had a few beautiful days here on Whidbey Island, but it seems as if today we are back to very cool and windy.  However, seeing the heat wave back east I am definitely not complaining.  We do seem to be blessed here.  No risk of tornadoes or hurricanes.  Our location somewhat protects us from tusnamis and we get only the occasional snowstorm. 

I'm off this weekend for more fun and games.  Abby, my sister and I are going to do a winery tour tomorrow and then a girls' lunch out.  Should be fun!