Catching Up

You would think that being mostly home would mean I have plenty of time to catch up on the blog. But you would be wrong. Well, maybe not completely wrong, There is a lot of time, but I seem to be able to find plenty of things to fill it. I will say that I seldom get bored! So, where to start?

Well, for starters, I have passed Level 3 of the Master Hand Knitting Certification! I am done and am certifiable (although many people already thought that). As I mentioned, the capstone project was to knit and write a pattern for an Aran Knit sweater. And here it is.

I have to say that it is the best fitting sweater I have ever made. It wasn’t without a little heartache. This is the second sweater I knit. The first suffered some major problems and I abandoned it and started over. But now I’m done and can go on to other projects. I need to work on a sweater for my son, one I’ve started for me, and of course, I must start a new project because, well, because I can. This is the first square of a blanket called Indian Nights. This project reeled me in because it has elephants in it! Not in this square, but stay tuned. Oh, and birds.

I’ve also been doing some piecing. Our quilt guild had a big estate sale from one of our members who passed away and left all her quilting supplies to the guild. I got an Accuquilt cutter for a song and purchased some dies for it. I’ve been randomly sewing squares with fabric from my stash and haven’t even touched a fraction of the stash. These will be used in a charity quilt.

And – Emma! She has been our real joy and diversion. Last you saw she was a wee pup, but she’s grown and is now a teenager, with all the attendant angst.

Her latest thing is refusing to eat unless we add something extra to her chow. Our vet has advised us to nip this behavior in the bud, so starting last night she is offered only chow, with no extras. You can see her opinion of this in the last photo. She refused dinner last night and breakfast this morning. Our vet assures us she won’t starve herself, so we are waiting it out. Stubborn little girl!

In closing I guess I should put in some musings about the pandemic, although sometimes I just wish I could forget it. We are doing very well. Cases in our area are fairly low, but people here are very careful and are overall pretty compliant with mask wearing, etc. In the early days we were pretty isolated and everything was closed. But now we’ve settled into a routine and can get out to do shopping. I have a couple of ladies I walk with three times a week, weather permitting. We’ve been able to see the Snohomish family over the summer outdoors. Sadly, fall is descending and outdoor meetings will have to pause. We’re allowing my sister into our quarantine bubble because she lives alone and is very, very careful. So, she’ll be joining us for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unfortunately the granddaughters and family will not. To do so, we’d have to ask them to quarantine beforehand. With online school only, we just cannot ask them not to hang around with a few friends. We all are in agreement on this – they have been very careful about our safety, and we are so appreciative of that. But we text and Zoom and I know we’ll get through this. We can whine and cry, but previous generations have been through much worse. The most disheartening thing about the whole pandemic has been the utter selfishness of some who insist on their “rights” and just prolong the whole thing. And the conspiracy theories – don’t get me started.

Ok, I promise to do better. I don’t even know who out there reads this, but I’d like to keep it up for myself, as a journal I can look back on. Until then.