Call me crazy, but I have joined another knitalong! I have started the Six Sox Knitalong. I blame Eileen ! For non-knitters or those knitters who’ve been on another planet and haven’t heard, the Six Sox Knitalong is a group that is knitting six pairs of socks over the course of a year. For the math challenged among you, that works out to one sock a month. If you do all six pairs you are eligible for prizes at the end of it all. However, the first pair is due next Saturday and I just joined last Wednesday. Can I do a pair of socks in a little over a week? Why yes, I can!! And here’s proof: Sock #1.

I cast on Wednesday and finished it up last night. Clever me! It helps that it has been miserably hot here and socks are about all I can tolerate. Anything else draped over my lap is just too much. At this rate finishing #2 should be a piece of cake. I picked up the yarn for Making Waves yesterday and that will be my airplane knitting. Assuming the nice screeners don’t take my needles away. Screeners in the U.S. seem to tolerate knitting needles ok, but we are flying out of Canada and they can be a little stricter. But I was able to get my #1 wooden double points on last time so don’t think I will have any trouble.

And speaking of socks, here is another FO:

I actually finished these several weeks ago, but just hadn’t gotten around to posting any pictures. They are knit with Mountain Colors Bearfoot. The yarn is an absolute dream, soft and cozy and easy on the hands. I can’t wait until it’s cool enough to wear them.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to cast on for the second Cloverleaf sock.

P.S. Update on the MINI – we should take delivery Thursday! Woohoo!!!

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  1. Thanks Kath! Law and Order is my favorite knitting TV. I tried spinning once, but decided that I have way too many hobbies already. Besides, Kirby’s pretty small and it would probably take me too long to accumulate enough to spin.

  2. Nice blog! Gorgeous socks and a very cute dog.

    I have two little dogs, a Papillon mix and a Papillon. They always keep me company when I’m knitting.

    And I should be knitting now instead of surfing the web. Gotta get those Cloverleafs done by the 31st. Looking forward to a more leisurely knitting pace with the Waves.

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