Ok, I think I’ve gotten hold of myself now. Actually this is part of what caused my meltdown:
And this:

My sewing room (actually, I think I’ll start calling it my “studio” – so much more elegant) regularly gets like this. When it gets really bad, I go on an all day cleaning jag, get back to square one and always promise myself I will NEVER EVER let it get this bad again. And then, a week later . . . well, you get the picture. My husband says the same thing happens with his shop.

I promised myself (for about the hundreth time) that I am going to get more organized and will not, repeat will not, start anything else until I get at least one, and maybe two, other projects finished. Well, we all know about how long that lasts, huh? This time it lasted until we drew names for Secret Santas at work. I drew the name of Jyoti, a beautiful, beautiful Indian girl (India, not Native American). I just knew I had to knit something stunning for her. This is the result:

No, it is not a multidirectional scarf! I didn’t even realize it had made that lovely zig zag pattern until I took the picture. I got the idea from pictures on Siow Chin Yeo’s site. I just pretty much winged it from the picture and came out with a pretty nice result. I won’t tell you that the pattern is one stitch off on one side, because with the fuzzy yarn you can’t tell. I used Trendsetter Dune and it was great fun to work with and a very, very quick knit. An easy two evenings worth of knitting. I might actually allow myself to do a couple more before Christmas. Now see, there I go again, planning new projects when I should be working on papers

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  1. I can totally relate. You should see my computer/knitting “room” (it’s really the size of a very large walk-in closet). You can never see the desktop. lol. Creative minds are messy ones.

  2. I can totally relate, also. With the room and with the urge to cast on new projects while older projects sit there waiting.

    Once I stick a started project in a rubbermaid tub, it may never resurface again.

    Glad you still have time to post once in a while so we can see what you’re doing. Love that scarf.

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