The big day has arrived! No, not the birth of my new grandchild, although you might think this is right up there (not really kids!). However, it did take a lot longer than 9 months and there was indeed a great deal of labor involved – some of it painful (remember the frogging of over 6 months knitting?). The delivery of the Mediterranean Shawl is now accomplished (ta da!) I had set aside a whole morning for blocking this puppy, but it actually only took about half an hour. I used blocking wires for the first time and all I can say is, if you don’t have them, run, don’t walk to your nearest retailer and invest in some. It is SO much easier, especially if you do a lot of lace. So without further ado – first the shawl in unblocked form:


And then in blocked form:


Kirby not only approves, he helped (well, kinda):


You will, however, have to wait for a modeling picture. I really can’t do it justice wearing jeans and my LLBean shirt, which would entail changing into something dressy, so you’ll just have to bide your time for THAT to occur. I have the whole next week off and dressing up will not be in my vocabulary!

There is something about blocking lace that is akin to magic. The beginning article is pretty, but kind of crumpled and just okay. Once blocked, it becomes something almost ethereal – light and floaty and drapey and just exquisite. If I had to choose only one type of knitting for the rest of my life it would be lace, without a doubt. Now that this is done, I need to start looking at a new lace project. I think it will be the Pacific Northwest Shawl. I am dying to try out the new Knit Picks yarns. I’m excited about their offerings and especially the prices. I could certainly indulge my habit a lot more with those price ranges – hope the quality is there. They seem to emphasize alpaca pretty heavily – a good thing in my judgment since alpaca is just about my mostest favorite fiber to knit with (and wear)!

And no, Rogue has not been abandoned or forgotten. I actually finished the hood (except for grafting the center section) last night. I think I will pick up around the front edges for an attached I-cord before I start on the sleeves. I’m posting a photo, but just don’t seem to be able to get a good true color. And it certainly doesn’t do it justice to have it crumpled up on the floor. I wish I had a lovely mannequin like Ei – her’s is looking lovely!


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  1. Dorothy…first of all, your shawl is absolutely stunning!!! It’s no wonder you wanted to get that done first.

    Second…your Rogue is looking mighty fine. Did you have a hard time grafting the knit & purl stitches on the hood? I did!!

    Take care!

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