And the lace goes on:



I felt at a loss not having a lace project going, so I cast on for a new shawl. This is the yarn and pattern that I received as a gift at Camp Knitaway this year. We all bring a gift and they are totally random, so you don’t know what your wrapped gift contains when you pick it. But the lady that brought this said she thought of me as she was wrapping it. She was right on! Both the project and yarn are perfect for me. As you can see from the second picture, I have my usual model hogging the picture. It’s not that he actually likes having his picture taken – he just likes lying down on knitting, or quilting, or anything handmade. What can I say? The dog has taste!

At first I felt a little guilty casting on for yet another shawl. I mean, how many lace shawls does one person need? But then I read “Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much” and my guilt went away. If you haven’t read this book yet, you must!! I laughed out loud while reading it and was constantly telling my husband, “Put the tv on you hold – you gotta hear this!” He was quite patient with me and laughed in all the appropriate places.

I did finish knitting on the little Baby Wallaby – just need to darn in ends and graft the underarms. I’m not completely satisfied with the grafting on the hood, but I had to remind myself – this is a knitted sweatshirt for a toddler. How perfect does it have to be?

No baby news yet. But my son has an hour and a half phone interview for a new job on Wednesday, so I figure that sounds about the right time for baby to arrive – don’t you think? I have visions of him interviewing and taking occasional pauses to yell, “Push, Abby, push!” So please send positive thoughts and prayers toward England this week.

And . . . I did a little housekeeping on the blog today. I started a new photo album (check the sidebar) of finished projects. I still have more to add, but this is a good start. If nothing else, I need it to remind myself that I don’t just start projects – I DO finish them!

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  1. Beautiful, as always. I think someone who knits lace as perfectly as you do owes the world all the lace they can knit. So keep doing those lace projects. They’re a pleasure to see.

  2. Question about lace. I’d like to knit a shawl for a friend, but she is “allergic” to wool, I don’t dare make her a wool one, I’m sure she really is allergic or at least bothered by it. Do you have any suggestions for a cotton or other fiber yarn that I might be successful with for a shawl or stole?

    Thanks, Angie

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