Introducing Isobel Ling (aka Izzy):


Is she not the most beautiful baby ever? And this from a totally unbiased source! I still don’t think either I or her grandpa have come down to earth yet. I think we’re going to like this grandparent business. And it’s brought out such interesting facets in my husband. He visited his mother in the group home to give her the news and she gave him some money to buy Izzy a present. I volunteered to go shopping on my day off, but he insisted he wanted to do it. All of us at work had a good chuckle visualizing him in the little pink lacey baby aisle sorting through stuff. And he did a great job:


I am SO ready to leave on vacation. You can tell how bad it is when I start looking forward to the 10 hour plane ride because I can just sit, read, knit and do nothing (I HATE to fly!). But I am so stressed out at work. I love my co-workers and boss, but the weight of responsibility I’m carrying right now is pretty heavy, plus trying to make sure as many loose ends are tied up as possible are combining to give me a lot of headaches and shoulder pain. I should get back to doing some yoga to relax. I need to keep reminding myself that the dental field doesn’t produce many life and death emergencies – at least ones that I’m responsible for and that the crew will carry on nicely during my absence. I told them the goal is to screw up just enough that I know I’m needed, but not so badly that it can’t be fixed. They assured me they are up to that challenge.

No knitting pictures, because I’m just finishing up odds and ends before I go, but I will leave with a sneak peek at Izzy’s quilt. This is the label I made for it:


Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, but after about 10 tries, that’s the best I could get. I should be able to post while I’m gone – the blessings of visiting technologically advanced children. So stay tuned for more pictures of Izzy. I’m sure I will bore you to tears with news and pictures of her, as I have all of my friends, acquaintances and total strangers on the street!

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  1. Oh, she is so beautiful! I think you’ll enjoy beyond belief the activity of just sitting for hours holding her and looking at her. Take care of yourself in the meantime at work. I’ve found, somewhat to my dismay, that they get along just fine without me at work. I’m apparently not as indispensable as I thought!

  2. It is obvious that she has simply stolen the hearts of her grandparents. Grace has told everyone that she has a new cousin Izzy (after all, she knows that grandmothers grandchildren are cousins!)

    Both of you are simply glowing with grandparent-ness and I can’t wait to see the pictures you bring home with you (and I hope you’ll let me help with the scrapbook assembly)

    She is stunning…

  3. She is so beautiful!

    Have a great trip and enjoy the grandma life. It’s the best.

    Now, back to Sydney Anne. I think she needs to be held.

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