I’m baaack! Seriously jet-lagged, but back. According to my body, it’s now 1:00 in the morning and I should be sleeping, but I’m trying to hold out for at least another three hours. Tomorrow it’s back to work.

We had a wonderful visit with our son and daughter-in-law in England and what can I say about Isobel? She is perfect!!! The only thing that could compare with holding my granddaughter for the first time was when I held her father for the first time. So without further ado – here are pictures!



In the first picture she’s lying on the quilt that I made for her and wearing a little sweater set that I made for her father thirty years ago! In the second she’s reclining on her heart afghan and wearing the set I made especially for her. Is she not the most beautiful baby ever? For those who just cannot get enough, I’m going to try and post a photo album in the sidebar. That is if my foggy brain can wrap around the task. And, just to prove that I did indeed get in a little knitting, here’s a picture of me working on my lace shawl on the train.


That sparkly expression of interest is a ruse. This is really proving to be a pretty boring pattern although I think it will be quite lovely. But it’s not the most interesting knit in the world.

Now I suppose I have to start addressing all those tasks that I kept saying I would do “after I get back from England.” I’m really itching to start a new project, but I know if I do some of the things I’ve been putting off (like starting the sleeves on Kongsberg) just won’t get done. But, as Scarlett says – “Tomorrow Is another day.” But for now think I’ll take a little nap (just a wee one you understand).

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  1. Isobel is beautiful! Isn’t if fun to give the kids their old baby things? Especially if they can appreciate them. You are a talented lady; that quilt looks like springtime!

  2. Welcome back! She is indeed a beautiful baby; she already looks different than the first picture you posted.
    At least you got to knit the boring pattern on a train, that helps some, right?

  3. Welcome home! The pictures are wonderful. I checked out the entire album, smiling at all the happiness showing in those priceless pictures.

    What a beautiful, perfect little granddaughter you have. Everyone looks so in love with her. What a lucky little girl to have so many people care about her.

    When do you get to see her again?

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