Oh no!!! I signed up for the Summer of Lace knitalong and in preparation was updating my finished projects photo album. I realized that I didn’t have a picture of the Shetland Lace shawl I designed and knitted about ten years ago. So I laid it out on the floor to take a picture and found this:


Yes, that is a m**h hole!! And I found not one, but two. Several years ago I pulled my woolies out of the winter storage box and found out that the m**hs had eaten up my favorite cashmere sweater and chewed a few holes in my Starmore gansey. The cashmere (thankfully store bought, not hand knitted) was toast, but I was able to laboriously repair the gansey. I thanked my lucky stars that my shawl was not affected, or so I thought. I guess I didn’t look closely enough. I am heartbroken! Although I have great confidence in my skills as a lace knitter, I do not feel confident as a lace repairer. Any suggestions out there?

This just about put me over the edge and caused me to cast on for the Lily of the Valley stole, but I steeled myself to work out my disappointment on St. Enda (too bad he’s not the patron saint of lost causes, or m**h holes). I have two repeats done on the front and have just started the third. I think I really want to wait on starting any lace until I get my package from KnitPicks.

And look at this – isn’t this a face to die for?


No, that is not Hester, that is Edward. We received an e-mail from the breeder asking if we were interested. Apparently Edward, although quite handsome, does not enjoy being a show dog. He is just a little too shy. We were tempted for a few minutes, but decided that two dogs is the max for us. And I’m not sure Kirby would forgive us a second time!

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  1. Oh what a nuisance those moths! I remember reading somewhere about repairing holes in knitwear. I think it could be one of the Mary Thomas books. From the photo, it looks like the hole is in a stocking stitch section and it looks salvageable. Don’t loss heart!

  2. Oh no, m**h and Starmore in the same sentence gives me panic attacks, especially when I realize we live relatively close to each other and m**ths don’t know to stop at the border.

  3. Hi! I posted this yesterday but I have no idea what happened to it….
    Your shawl is gorgeous, and salvageable, I think!
    If you rip back the damaged stitches on both sides of the hole and then weave in a strand of yarn and use it to knit/increase stitches where needed to make up what’s been lost you can then kitchener both repaired “sides” together. Clear as mud? Hope this helps…email me if I can explain better or help!!

  4. Hi, Dorothy. Oh, too bad about the shawl. Like the others, I think you can salvage it. Your work is beautiful, and I love the new addition to the family. That’s a pretty baby.

  5. What a horror to find m**h holes in such a beautiful lace.

    Please put a warning at the beginning of any post that contains a little dog needing a home. Friends have done intervention and DH and I are not allowed to view homeless dogs.

    Until Pappy’s story broke our hearts and we ended up with three dogs, we had a rule that there would not be more dogs than humans in our home. It was a good rule. We’re glad we broke it for Pappy, but we’re not going to break it again.

    You do know that the amount of dog hair in a home grows exponentially with each dog added?

  6. Oh no! I want Edward! My cats would be horrified if I brought him home, though. Though they are getting used to having our neighbors’ Corgi, Daisee, around, maybe they would just think he was her.
    I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to fix that hole, but I’m sure it can be done by someone with your knitting abilities.

  7. Those stupid moths!!! I hate them. I love what you are working on. Beautiful!!! I am going to start the Flower Basket Shawl this week!! Yay for lace. 🙂

  8. Hey, Edward looks an awful lot like Horatio’s brother, Teddy . . . name’s kind of similar, too!

    And–moth holes? Oh, the horror!

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