Ain’t these purty? (Oops! My Missouri accent snuck in there):


My Knit Picks order came yesterday. It took about 10 days – a long time to wait, but I guess you can’t complain with free shipping. The photo doesn’t do them justice, not just because it doesn’t adequately show the soft, heathery colors, but because you can’t pick them up and cuddle them. This yarn is so soft and wonderful. I started right away on the Dainty Bess from the Elizabeth I pattern and I’m zipping right along:


I thought about stretching this out for the photo, but decided to wait. The magic of blocking lace in the end is what makes it all worthwhile, so I want to hold off on the prize! If you’re on my lace knitting gift list, you might want to pick your color now, except for the purple, which I’m sure my mother has dibs on. How do you know if you’re on my list? 1. You are related to me by blood. 2. You married my child. 3. I am your “Secret Santa” at work and then only if you are really, really nice to me and make my job easier. That’s it. Oh, and maybe my best friend who oohs and aahs over everything I do and generally tells everyone I’m a genius. Oh, and you have to promise to wear it faithfully and take good care of it. ‘Nuff said.

I have not abandoned the Lily of the Valley stole. In fact I’ve made quite a bit of progress (you might want to click on the photo for a better look):


I have made peace with the nupps and as long as I remember to keep them loose, they are, if not exactly a piece of cake, at least a crumb or too. I like the more compact nupp that the K1 P1 makes instead of using the YO method. I have also not abandoned St. Enda. I only have one more repeat on the front before decreasing for the neck. I won’t post a picture because guess what? It looks exactly like the back so far!

Am I the only one that wakes up in the night with the most amazing and interesting posts floating through my mind? I don’t know if that’s why I can’t sleep or vice versa, but by the morning it’s all gone with the wind. I should get up and write it down while I can remember! I suppose if I worked on my writing a little more I could come up with some zingy posts. My best friend, who was also my English 101 professor (we got special dispensation from the head of the English department who pointed out that some professors had their own children in class) told me I am a very good writer, but also drilled into me the value of not going with your first draft, but revising, revising, revising. Something I’m not willing to do for weekly posts. And she would kill me for that incomplete sentence. And starting a sentence with “and”.

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  1. Both of your lace projects look fabulous. I am so into knitting lace right now it’s ridiculous! We will se how I feel when I fifsh Birch! Those yarns are grogeous.

  2. Dorothy, you have more than made your peace with the nupps, you are the Mistress of the Nupp!! heheh..that shawl is stunning!! The yarn and the pattern are so complimentary, what a great eye you have! Can’t wait to see it completed!

    PS – before I “revised” this comment, I wrote, you are the “Mistress of the Nipps”….LOL!

  3. Dear Dorothy:

    You do great Nupps. You Lily stole is lovely. As is your Elizabeth. I really like the colorway you used in LV. What is that? Looking great!
    Thanks for sharing

  4. i do that too, i always have the most wonderful posts in my mind at two am, but by dawn they have flitted away. your lace is lovely.

  5. Those colours would go well with my Marina. I love lace knitting, too. I’m teaching a Charlotte’s Web class this week.

  6. It’s only when you know the rules of grammar, that you know when to break them. And…all you need to remember is your zingy first sentence. The rest flows from that. And that Knitting Fairy sure gets around.

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