Ain’t it a wonderment? Two FO’s in one week! Here they are happily blocking together:


The red is the Catarina Seaman’s Scarf from Myrna Stahman’s book. The yarn is DK Elegance from KnitPicks. This was a great yarn to knit with, but the color bled horribly when I washed it for blocking. The white towel is stained underneath. I don’t think this will be a major problem, but should be taken into account before washing this with anything else. The teal is Evelyn Clark’s Estonian scarf in Alpaca Cloud. What, you say, are those little dots at the end? Could they be? TDP’s (the dreaded Nupps)? Why yes, they are. I did the k1p1 versions so they are a little more bobbley than the k1yo version. I’m not entirely happy with them. On my Lily of the Valley shawl, the yarn is a little “woolier” and the nupps stay compact and together. With the Alpaca Cloud, the yarn is a little slippery and the nupps look a little sloppy. So, I have started another one and am determined to conquer the k1yo version for a flatter nupp. This scarf will go to a non-knitter, so I don’t think they will notice. Not, of course, to anyone who reads my blog. I would not want any of my relatives who read my blog (Hi Mom & Dad, hi, Ben & Abby) to think that anything less than perfection would do for them. Of course, assuming I would tell them in the first place!

To reward myself, Hester and I hied down to the LYS and bought this:


Eight skeins of Silky Wool! This is indeed a splurge, but one I have contemplating for a long time. I love, love, love this yarn. I’ve seen it made up in projects by several friends and am very excited about knitting with it. This will become a Faroese Shawl from the Stahman book – probably “Barbara” for any of you who have the book.

And I will close with this picture. My son took this one of my granddaughter and I think it is the sweetest thing in all of its innocence and simplicity.


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  1. Oh, oh, oh. Look at your wonderful knitting and your baby granddaughter is just precious. I just bought some Silky Wool on Friday as well though I highly doubt that I will work up something as gorgeous as your lace (I just haven’t the patience right now). 🙂

  2. Hi D! Thanks for your support for my “baby” ….your grandbaby is just precious!
    You go, oh mistress of the nupp, altho both scarves are simple stunning and no one would dream of disparraging your nupps.
    “Barbara” will look stunning in the silky wool! She one of the ones on my “to do” list, I just finished Catharina (like your scarf!)
    Beautiful, beautiful knitting D!

  3. Yikes about the bleeding. I didn’t notice very much on the seaman’s scarf I made with Elegance, but I bet the jacket I’m making is the same dyelot as your yarn.

    Great picture of Izzy. There is nothing sweeter than a granddaughter.

    The scarves look great, as always.

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