Barbara is a completed project and I wore her to church today:



I can’t say enough good things about the Silky Wool. It is warm (yes, I needed it this morning), lightweight and just plain nice! I love this shape too because it stays on without a lot of fiddling. I can’t say it was the most interesting knit in the world – it got kind of boring, but I will definitely do it again. I’m thinking about some of the Knit Picks DK or sport weight wools.

But not yet – I’m trying to be good and not start new things. The exception is Izzy’s Christmas sweater, which I started yesterday. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll post pictures. It would be nice to be a surprise, but if all goes well, they may be here in a month or so and I’ll have to knit in front of her parents or it will never get done. So stand by for pictures, perhaps at a later date.

And regretfully, I think I’m going to frog Lily of the Valley. Man, this yarn is beautiful, but just does not want to be knit. This is the second project I’ve frogged with it. (Please note – I’ve deleted the picture because of my bandwith problems, but you can probably get the gist of the problem without pictures)
The nupps are fine, but those parallelograms on the left side of the picture are supposed to be diamonds. I finally decided that this is not a quick and easy knit and if I’m going to spend that much time on something, I just cannot tolerate those wonky diamonds. I’m not sure what I’ll do yet. I may look for another pattern for that section, because otherwise I love the way it’s turning out.

And in closing, if you are Abby – TURN AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. DO NOT SCROLL DOWN! (Ben says these kind of things freak her out) OK, ready?


Does anyone know what this cute little guy is? My neighbor found him in her driveway. I’ve looked through the internet and can’t find anything. I hope he’s not harmful because he’s munching away in our lavender plants. We couldn’t bear to destroy him. Please, please don’t tell me he’s some kind of wool eating caterpillar. It would break my heart!

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  1. The shawl is gorgeous and looks stunning on you! I’ll bet you got lots of compliments at church.

    I’m so sorry to see the Lily of the Valley go, especially since you’ve worked so hard and its so lovely! I wonder, if you knit tbl on the stitch before and/or after, would that tighten up the yo’s for the diamond? Maybe you could experiment on some swatches before you give up?

  2. Dorothy, the Barbara shawl looks beautiful. Nice job. Sorry, I don’t know what type the caterpillar is… but I don’t know of ANYTHING eating lavender, either!

  3. Dorothy, this is beautiful. There’s been a lot of discussion about lace shawls on the AK list lately, and I’m working up my courage to try one. You are inspiring!

  4. Hi Dorothy, you are such a prolific knitter – it’s all so beautiful. I knit most of Kiri in Denmark and will post photos soon. Sounds like you’ve been having lots of fun.

  5. Love that caterpillar picture! Glad he’s not a wool eater cause he’s just too cute to squish.

    Sorry about Lily of the Valley. Were you able to determine why you were getting parallelograms where there is supposed to be diamonds? You’re normally such an even and precise knitter it just doesn’t seem right.

    For some reason, I’m unable to see the first two pictures. Tried last night and again today. Very disappointing. I’d love to see you in your gorgeous new shawl.

  6. Beautiful shawl, and it looks great on you. I still need to buy that book, but every time I pick it up – the photos just don’t do it for me. Now I think I will buy it…just need to remember how fab it looks on you.

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