What a week! I finished 5 (Yes, that’s FIVE) projects this week. An Estonian scarf, two hats for Izzy and (drum roll here) both Rogue and St. Enda. Granted, all Rogue needed was the zipper, but still . . . Unfortunately, I think one of the hats for Izzy is too small, but it only took one evening to knit, and I have enough yarn left over for another. Why, you ask, was I able to accomplish so much knitting (oh, and a six page paper for a Sociology class)? Lots of time off from work and no place to go, that’s how. Both doctors were gone and we don’t even try to schedule anyone for the first day of school. So, without further ado, here’s Rogue:



I am pretty pleased with the outcome. I think I do prefer a little looser fit, but once again my husband assures me the fit it just fine. I think Rogue will see a lot of wear this fall. St. Enda still needs a bath and blocking to look her best so that picture will come next week. I also have one more hat to go for Isobel and will wait until that’s done to do a group shot of the hats. I’m still a little gun shy about the whole bandwith issue. However, here’s a group shot of the Estonian scarves:


I think I can officially say I am now tired of this pattern. I will probably make one for me down the road, but I think I need to give it a break.

A little name dropping here. I met Cat Bordhi today! I was in my LYS and saw a woman with the cutest purse. I said, “That’s a Cat Bordhi purse isn’t it?” She said, “Why, yes it is.” Then my LYS owner said, “By the way, that IS Cat Bordhi.” We ended up having a very nice conversation. She’s such a nice lady. I admitted that although I have her book, I have been a little intimidated by the Moebius cast on. She assured me that it was pretty easy if I just followed the directions. I have a very lovely skein of Alpaca Cloud in Peppermint, so I may just have to give it a try. Madli is coming along quite well – over half done. A Moebius scarf might be a nice transition project before I start the challenge of the Unst shawl from Heirloom Knitting.

Speaking of which – I did receive my copy! As I think I mentioned before, a very gracious knitter from my group gave it to me. The olive green Estonian scarf will go to her as thanks. The book is wonderful, although a little overwhelming. However, the time has come to challenge myself, so I am determined to try the Unst shawl. Stay tuned!

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  1. Your Rogue is beautiful! I agree with your husband, it fits just fine. I think mine is going to be on the looser side, if I ever finish it.
    And I think you’re just in time, now that the weather is cooler it should get a lot of wear!

  2. Ah Grasshopper, seems the knitting focus session have paid off, you are a finishing super hero!!

    Your Rogue is stunning and it looks wonderful on you, well done on the zipper too!!

    I love the scarves, all so pretty!

    Did you see? I updated my post to include the IK issue – it’s Summer 2003. What do you think of the yarn I chose? The Forest Path is gonna be MY knitting challenge, perhaps we can commiserate together 🙂

  3. Wow Dorothy, you did a fabulous job on Rogue. I think it is very flattering on you. The scarves are great too. Congrats on all that great finishing work!

  4. The Rogue looks fantastic – the fit is perfect! How fun to meet Cat! I received the Heirloom Knitting book this week for my BD – oooo, what eye candy! I expect you will knock one of the projects out in about, oh, two days! 😉 Have a great weekend.

  5. Well. I was feeling pretty pleased with my project progress til I came here! LOL

    Seriously, it’s all so impressive. You are such a knitting inspiration.

    The Rogue looks great, not at all too small. And the Estonian scarves are so pretty.

    As always, looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  6. Very nice work. How funny about meeting Cat in that way. Which LYS do you frequent?

    I read about all your family changes, sounds exciting.

    Take care.

  7. I looked a few months back in your blog and couldn’t find anything. Did you figure out adding the zipper to Rogue by yourself? I love Rogue, but I haven’t bought the pattern because I really want a zippered cardigan. Did you (yikes) do the steeking thing?

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