Apparently I don’t know how to knit properly. My husband wore Aranmor to the store yesterday. When I met up with him he was chatting with a saleslady. When she found out that I knit his sweater she told me that she would be glad to give me some knitting lessons. She took issue with my cast on and cast off. Since the neck ribbing was k2p2, she told me I should have cast off in k2p2. I told her I had and she said, “No, you didn’t.” She then told me she could teach me to cast on and off so that it looked like store bought sweaters. Being the polite, well bred lady that I am, I thanked her very much and beat a hasty retreat.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know I don’t know it all and I do occasionally take classes at my LYS. But I find it incredibly rude for a complete stranger to trash your knitting (so much for knocking ’em dead with my knitwear, huh?). For the record, I know how to cast on and off to make it look store bought. I choose not to because I prefer the hand knit look. So why does her criticism bother me so much?

Just to prove that I CAN TOO knit properly, behold Peacock Feathers.



One hour and a gazillion T-pins later:


And a detail shot:


I highly recommend this pattern (Fiddlesticks Knitting). Dorothy Siemens’ pattern is well written and easy to follow. I made very few mistakes (one is in the center point, but since I made it symetrically, I’m calling it a design feature) and don’t think I did any frogging at all. It took me approximately one month to do. I’m amazed at what I can accomplish when I concentrate on only one or two projects at a time. Next up, a CIC knit and some secret last minute Christmas knitting, then St. Brigid.

Oh, and check out the sidebar. I’m finally getting around to getting together some photo albums. First up, lace projects.

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  1. Yikes, can’t get much more rude than that, you obviously can knit very, very well Dorothy. I think I’d be taking my business elsewhere!

  2. Your knitting is stunningand you so “know how”! Clearly you are more well bred than I cause I would have punched her in the head, blessed her out and left! Some people have such crust, incredible!!

    I’m with Brenda, I would take my business elsewhere!

  3. Beautiful!

    That woman was just rude. What’s the point of knitting if it looks just like the poorly made stuff that you can get in a department store? Your knitting is beautiful and you obviously love it, so who cares what a stranger thinks!

  4. if it matters… Gracie just said that your shawl is “the most beautifulest thing she’s ever seened”

    and coming from a 4 year old – i think that’s a pretty great complement…

    I can not believe a complete stranger would utter anything so rude…

    My philosophy on people who are so rude… They are rude for two reasons – they have truly bad manners, for which I simply pity them and two, they are just insecure in which case I know they are trying to make me feel badly about myself in order to make themselves feel better… Perhaps this is the case with the rude saleslady… Your sweater is stunning – I’ve seen it in real life (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the one you are referring too) and it is absolutely stunning…

    I aspire to one day knit as beautifully as you do, perhaps even only 1/2 as beautifully as you do – forget about what that unhappy, unkind woman said and keep doing what you do so very well!!!


  5. I think that lady in the store was our waitress in Edmonton today. I was ready to retrieve the tip I left in the jar at the counter. Nice tactic – collect the tip ahead of time and then give crummy service.

    Shawl is spectacular as always. I like Fiddlesticks patterns, too. Might have to get one tomorrow as we explore a new yarn shop in Edmonton,

  6. Please don’t let rude people bother you. They are no better than fleas on a dog. Your work is beautiful, and she was obviously jealous as she could be. I loved doing the Peacock Feathers too. You did a wonderful job on it.

  7. I’m currently working on the Peacock Feathers also. I am half way through the 7th chart. I’m afraid that I may have a lot longer to go. I can’t believe that you didn’t do any frogging. You must be a better lace knitter than I. Your shawl came out beautifully. It gives me inspiration to keep plugging along.

  8. That is the most beautiful Peacock Feathers I’ve ever seen! You’ve inspired me to get this pattern. I would wear it to the store and show it off in front of the rude salesperson!

  9. Your shawl is absolutely beautiful!! I’m so inspired! I’d like to try my hand at Peacock Feathers soon. I’m going to order some Shadow, too. 🙂 Happy Knitting!

  10. Wow. I believe the term for the woman who wanted to give you “proper” knitting lessons would be “huge cojones of solid rock” to make such a suggestion. Egad! Your knitting is lovely. Ignore her. She is meaningless.

    Your Peacock Feathers shawl is absolutely gorgeous. I’m a big fan of Fiddlesticks patterns, too.

  11. Beautiful shawl!! The nerve it must take to say something like that..I can’t imagine critiquing someone’s work without being asked, especially a complete stranger’s.

  12. Self-righteous lady. You showed your grace in handling that situation. Fuhgeddabouther!

    Madli and Peacock Feathers are incredible. I started with Flower Basket and Kiri; I hope to get to Peacock Feathers next year!

  13. Wow, your peacock feathers shawl is amazing. I love the last photo with the close-up. Don’t let that lady get to you, you knit beautifully!

  14. Wow, that is one beautiful shawl! You do such lovely lace work! I think I would not have had the restraint not to smack that rude woman upside the head, though.
    Catching up on your recent posts: I’m sorry your family has had to move away, but it gives you more time to knit, right? (yeah, I knew that wouldn’t make you feel any better!) And that wedding picture of you two is priceless. What were you then, about 12??

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