One of the downsides of owning a Mini Cooper in Washington is that there is only one dealer in the entire state. So, when you need preventive maintenance – you gotta drive. That is, unless you live in the Tacoma area. It’s about a 2 1/2 – 3 hour drive for us (depending on traffic). The good news – that’s a whole day of knitting time if you’re the passenger! Throw in a three hour wait while we were there and that’s a whole lotta knitting time. Have to look on the bright side, don’t you know. In addition to getting two chapters of school reading done, I finished an entire pair of CIC socks. Here’s the CIC stash so far:


That’s three pairs of socks and a sweater. This morning I printed up cards letting the recipient know that a pair of socks will be donated to CIC in their name. Not all will be done by Christmas, but I will send the giftee a picture once each pair is done. The little sweater will be donated in Izzy’s name – the start, I think of a very meaningful tradition.

This week is going to be a bit hectic. In addition to a gazillion things to do at home, I have a big project at work that has a deadline of Wednesday. Plus I have five chapters to read and a lecture to watch on my class so I can try to finish my final exam (a three page essay) by Friday so I can go spend the weekend with my sister with a clear conscience. Plus a party to go to, a haircut to get, one meeting and, well, you get the idea. So I doubt I will get to posting much. But the next week I have lots of time off, so I can start thinking seriously of Christmas.

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