Happy New Year to all! What a year this has been. One family member departed this life (my husband’s father) and another entered (little Isobel). We traveled to far off places which were quite different – England and Missouri. And my husband completed his first full year of retirement (the verdict – GOOD!). In tallying up my production this year, I was shocked at how many projects I actually completed: 5 shawls, 3 sweaters, 7 scarves, 3 baby hats, 6 baby sweaters, 4 pairs of CIC socks and 5 pairs of adult socks. All but one sweater and one shawl were also started in 2005. Wow! I’m exhausted. All of that is in addition to holding down a job, volunteering at church, going to school part-time (I’m now a senior – WHOO HOO!) and doing enough of my share around the house to keep my husband reasonably content.

My favorite project of the year – Peacock Feathers (gifted to my mother for Christmas):


Cutest project? No contest:


Most repeated pattern? I got stuck on Estonian Scarves and made 5! Here’s a picture of 4:


I must have been doing pretty well – I gave one as a thank you to a friend who had given me her copy of Heirloom Knitting by Sharon Miller. She wore it to Seattle to have a lunch with a friend who admired the knitting and the choice of color. The friend? Evelyn Clarke. The designer!

Last completed project of the year:


More Fun Than Cables Socks – pattern courtesy of Marguerite. Thank you Marguerite for sharing your lovely patterns with us. These really were fun to make. I will definitely do them again. The yarn is Essentials by Knit Picks. Although the yarn was fine to work with, I am not sure I will use it again. After wearing only one day, the toes and instep (where my clogs hit them) are starting to felt a little.

Last yarn purchase of the year:


We went up to Bellingham today and thanks to Li found this great new yarn shop – Marilyn’s. Good selection, good prices and nice people. Well worth the trip, even if we weren’t going for something else. The yarn is “Socks That Rock” in the Azurite colorway. It feels wonderful and reminds me a little of Koigu. I wound the yarn at the shop because I just couldn’t wait to start. But then I reminded myself that I always start a new project on New Year’s Day and decided to wait until tomorrow. I love, love, love this book! I like my library of sock books, but I think this is the one I will use the most. Multiple patterns that you can do in any yarn, any size.

I am thinking over my resolutions for the New Year. I am a big believer in resolutions. Even if you end up breaking most of them, there’s something about the eternal quest to better yourself. The New Year is such a great time to take stock and consider what you really want to do in the coming year. I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. What impressive lists you have – all your knitting and other accomplishments.

    What fun to see that picture of Izzy again and to hear about Evelyn admiring your scarf.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2006 with lots of knitting, good grades, and especially some granddaughter time.

  2. Happy New Year, Dorothy! My goodness, you’ve had a productive year. I’m working on an Estonian scarf, too (my first), and just know I’ll be making this pattern again. Your peacock feathers shawl is stunning. What a lucky Mom you have! Happy New Year!

  3. What a year of beautiful projects. Thanks for posting a picture of your lovely Estonian scarves – I bought the pattern, now I must knit one soon. Happy New Year knitting!!!

  4. Wow! When you look at the year in perspective, it’s pretty amazing! That’s alot of knitting! Thanks for the sock link…I’m headed there right now!

  5. Just came by your blog through Marguerite’s. I am also making MFTC socks and am on the second one. I bought some of that Essentials and haven’t used it yet but it’s interesting to get your feedback on it. I made some socks out of their sock garden or whatever it is and it is felting too…

    Do you live near Bellingham? Two of my children were born there.

  6. Nice productive year Dorothy! Now don’t get cocky and start casting on like crazy! hehehe….

    I am so crazy about that picture of Izzy and your DIL, so cute!

    You’re such a good daughter! Gifting Mom with Peacock Feathers! Extra knitting karma points đŸ™‚

    Don’t you just love Sensational Knitted Socks? GREAT BOOK! You’d love Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush too!

    Here’s to a MUCH better 2006!

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