Well, I may have been sick, but fortunately I wasn’t sick enough to forgo all this found knitting time. I guess one thing about being sick is that it gives you a legitimate excuse for blowing off all the things you don’t want to do as long as you are not too sick to pamper yourself. Behold – two Socks That Rock:


I am quite pleased with these. I used the Sensational Socks book and found that it helped with some of those fiddly things that have bugged me when I’ve knitted socks before. Because the yarn was so busy I just used a simple garter rib. As soon as these were finished I cast on with some Cascade 220 for some CIC socks. One is finished already, but I am following my self-imposed rule of not posting a picture until they are both done.

I also broke out of the starting gate on Kongsberg’s sleeve:


I know why I’ve been putting this off. It’s probably one of the hardest projects I’ve done. It took me about three starts to get it going. I decided not to do the placket – I feel it just adds extra bulk. I probably could have taken a more flattering picture by not showing the jog at the underarm, but I was too tired to play with it. I know there are methods for reducing the jog, but this is hard enough without adding an extra technique.

And introducing my B’s:


This one is easy – my husband Bill and my son Benjamin (posing with one cute little baby). Bill and I have been married for 32 years and he is indeed the love of my life. He is sweet, romantic and really listens when I talk (well, most of the time anyway). Is he perfect? Well, no. He hogs the remote, leaves lights on wherever he goes and constantly leaves drawers open. But did I mention he also cooks, vacuums and does his own laundry? I think we can forgive a few little foibles.

Ben, in case you didn’t know already, is Isobel’s daddy. He is the only child I ever gave birth to, and Bill and I decided that if we only had it to do once, we really did a good job! Ben may not realize this, but he wasn’t the easiest child to raise (like I’d have a basis for comparison?). He is so incredibly smart that his brain just does not work the same way ours does. He was always the kid who would color cows purple and take things apart to see how they work. In sixth grade his teacher got really frustrated with him because he never did math problems the “right” way, but he always came out with the right answer. He is one of the few people I know who not only understands how computers work, but can actually make them do what they are supposed to do (he is a software engineer). And he is a wonderful Daddy to Isobel! Hey, I like this ABC thing – the beginning of the alphabet is a piece of cake. And I’ve even got my X planned out!

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  1. Great job on the socks. One of ladies in my knitting guild made some of the models of for the Sensational Socks book, and she currently working on models for a new sock book.

  2. Those socks are wonderful. Good going on the sweater sleeve. And, best of all, the men in your life. I mean ‘boys’ they surely do look happy in that picture.

  3. Great socks! I admire your persistance with your sweater. But most of all, I’m really jealous of women who have men who can cook. Joe has many great qualities, but cooking is not one of them.

  4. Great socks D! Love the color!
    Good on you for getting to that sleeve…no pain, no gain,right? 🙂

    Love your “B’s” …you’re a lucky woman! (But so are they!)

  5. You’re impressing me to no end with that sleeve. Color knitting is something I’ve not mastered yet.

    Love the picture of your guys and the baby and the cute little dog ears sticking up there at the bottom edge.

  6. Could I just watch you knit sometime? Like you were the knitting mentor and I the mentee? You make the best stuff, Dorothy! (I love Isobel’s hat, by the way!)

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