As I mentioned in my last post, knitting was accomplished while on vacation. However, the most impressive knitting was accomplished before the vacation. When we arrived, Abby presented me with this:


This is only her second project, and I am so honored that she gifted me! The yarn is Knit Picks Panache, alpaca and cashmere and is SOOOO soft. Isn’t it beautiful? I have never, ever received a knitted gift from anyone and I am so thankful.

As promised, here is a picture of Isobel in her new sweater:


It’s a little large on her, but should fit well once fall/winter arrives. I’m going to have to rethink the floats on my next Dale for children project. There was no float longer than 5 on this, but she’s already gotten her little fingers caught and pulled some. It will probably not be a sweater to pull on every day – it’s too much trouble, but boy, is it cute!

Lots of time for mindless knitting while on the airplane and sitting around talking produced this pair of socks:


They match much better than it appears in the picture. With such a long color run it was impossible to make them identical. The Trekking yarn wasn’t quite as soft as Socks That Rock or Lorna’s Laces, but the colors are gorgeous! I’ll be wearing them today, so we’ll see how they feel on my delicate little feet. My friend and I are taking a field trip to our LYS and I think I will succumb to some Regia silk sock yarn if they still have it.

Nex post – Eris!

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  1. How sweet that Abby knitted for you. It looks great and I’m sure you can feel the love in it as well as the super soft yarn.

    Izzy looks like a very happy little girl to have her Grandma and a pretty Dale sweater.

    Looking forward to your Eris post.

  2. You look great in the poncho your DIL knit. How pretty!
    As for baby floats…. the adult should put their fingers inside the sleeve and guide the baby fingers to the opening. It might make for less float pulls. It looks so good on your granddaughter! She’s a cutie pie.

  3. The poncho looks great and your grandaughter looks adorable in that sweater.

    I’ve put up my Eris for so long. I need to finish her.

  4. Pretty poncho, pretty baby sweater, and once again, a pretty baby!
    OOOhh, Eris? Have you already started it? I have the pattern in the files for that one, too.

  5. What a cute little cardigan. I’m not yet a grandmother, but I can’t help knitting the occasional little sweater just for the fun of it. My daughter is also a knitter, so any child of hers will likely be overwhelmed with handknitted clothing.

  6. How beautiful is that poncho!!!! It looks wonderful on you Dorothy! How nice of Abby to think of you for her first project!

    Love that grandbaby so much, what a living DOLL!!

    Can’t wait to hear what your delicate feet think of the Trekking! Aren’t the colors glorious? Life it too short to try and make the socks match with Trekking but your feet will look stunning anyway 🙂

  7. What a beautiful poncho gift. THanks for the tip on the Knitpicks yarn. I am always wondering how soft it is. I came to you via Lynne.

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