The Girl from Auntie has not disappointed. Eris is an intriguing and fun knit that leaves you scratching your head and wondering, “How did she figure that one out?” I’ve been a little disappointed that she hasn’t come out with more patterns, but considering the work that must have gone into this one, it’s no wonder. Marguerite and I are doing our own little mini KAL. No buttons or pressure, but just two friends embarking on the same project and supporting each other. Go on over and check out her beautiful teal colored version. Here is the almost-finished right half collar of mine:


My goal today is to finish the left half collar and then that will probably be it for the week. Alas, today is the last day of my vacation. It’s times like this that I yearn for retirement. In addition to work, I need to get cracking on my studies again. I see the light at the end of the tunnel there, but still lots of hard work ahead.

Under the heading of “I’ve got to clean things out more often” – behold:


I was up in the attic looking for something the other day and found a box labeled “Yarn”. I had entirely forgotten about this. As I vaguely recall, it was given to me by someone cleaning out their stash years ago. It’s all wool and will keep me in CIC knitting for years! Plus there is one lonely little skein of Zephyr laceweight, about 620 yards that will make a lovely scarf or small shawl or stole. Considering all I have on the needles plus in my life right now, I won’t even look for something suitable. Did I mention I’m looking forward to retirement? Working sure does cut into your knitting time!

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  1. That color is going to make a gorgeous Eris.

    I’d love to come sit on your sunporch and knit with you, Debi, and P man. It will have to wait until we get to the stockinette part of Eris, though. I can’t talk to anyone but myself while I’m knitting cables combined with shortrows.

    Are you going to fess up what old habits Debi is talking about?

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