I have a new luv:


Not the socks, although the yarn is quite nice (Opal Lollipop). It’s the Pony Pearls. I had heard favorable reviews of these needles and when I spotted them at my LYS, thought I should give them a try – especially since the price was reasonable. $5.50 for the set. I like them very much. I’ve always liked the fabric that size 0’s give for socks, but the tiny little needles hurt my hands. These are rigid, but have a “soft” feel to them.

And yes, I started a new pair of socks before I finished the others. Part of it was that I wanted to try the Pony Pearls, part was because I’m frustrated with the Step socks. Usually I don’t worry too much about stripey socks matching exactly. But because these have such wide stripes, I thought they’d look better if they matched exactly. I’ve started the second sock no less than five times!!! And I’ve finally come to the conclusion that there is no color sequence that exactly matches the beginning of the first one. Here’s the set so far – what do you think?


I have a few days off and despite all of my intentions to work hard around the house and study today, I played instead. Look at the cute little sewing bags I made:


These go into the gift stash except for one that I will keep for myself. The pincushion is removable, so they could be used as little knitting notions containers too. And they were quick to do – only a couple of hours each.

Tomorrow is Izzy’s first birthday! Has it been a whole year? The day after is my husband’s birthday and we’re going to celebrate by a day trip to Pt. Townsend on the Olympic peninsula. We’ll walk on the ferry and spend the day wandering around town (and they have both a quilt shop and a yarn shop – how good is that?) ending with a late lunch and a ferry ride home. Weather’s supposed to be nice – up in the 70’s. Perfect summer in the PNW.

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  1. The sewing bags are cute. You could always make little sachets to put in with wool:)

    I like the socks, but I very rarely have mine match.

  2. Happy Birthday to Izzy! And your DH, too. Sounds like you have a very pleasant day planned to celebrate.

    My Step socks had a long repeat, but they did have one. I’ve heard other knitters say they got skeins of Opal where the repeat wasn’t right – like a new stripe sequence started in the wrong place. Hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’m mentally prepared to deal with fraternal socks if and when it does. Yours are very pretty. Are you impressed by the oils in the Step?

  3. I think that fraternal socks are a good thing.
    That’s not to say that I haven’t gone to at least moderat (okay, maybe immoderate) lenghts to try to get pairs to match — but five times is plenty! Perhaps you could aim for a reverse sock?

    Meanwhile, I’m off to see if I can find any pony pearls around. Not likely in this town 😦

  4. Me too! I so love my pony pearls. Your sock-tober sounds wonderful. I am looking forward to more pattern suggestions on your blog. I love your sock shapers that your husband MADE for you! I am casting on a new pair of socks tomorrow……on my pony pearls of course.

  5. I love my Pony Pearls too! How the heck did that baby get to be a year old already? John’s oldest grandchild turns 5 this year, and I just don’t think that can be possible. We’ll be going to high school graduations before we know it.
    Those unmatched socks would probably drive me nuts, too. Opal yarn is so nice and orderly in comparison! Gotta love those well-behaved stripes.

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