Happy 4th of July to all Americans out there! Ours started off as a typical Pacific Northwest 4th – it was raining! I hardly remember a 4th of July here when it didn’t rain at least part of the day. We have spent many a night huddled on the beach in winter gear watching the fireworks!! However, today the rain burned off and it turned into a picture perfect day. Spurred on by Kris‘ pictures of Mt. Baker, I went out into our backyard and took this:


Unfortunately, the air was a little hazy and the mountain isn’t quite as clear as it can be. This is the view from the back corner of our property. We’re probably lucky you can’t see it from the house, because then we couldn’t have afforded the house! When we first moved here, 20 years ago, we were on a one acre plot in the middle of the woods. The town has crept out toward us and now we are on a one acre wooded plot surrounded by housing developments. It’s not all bad – my husband cut a path through the woods and now I can traipse down the path, through the gate and walk the dogs on nice sidewalks with killer views of the sea and mountains. And, we have “country” living, complete with quail and deer within walking distance of town. There’s a big fireworks show tonight, but being the old stick-in-the-muds we have become, I’m not sure we will be able to stay awake that late!

I have a FO to report – the baby set is finished ahead of the baby:


Cute, isn’t it? The hat called for earflaps, but I didn’t like them, so decided on the cute little pom-pom instead. It will go off in the mail this week. I sure hope it’s a boy. The last time the doctors predicted a girl until the last minute and then changed their mind. Little Matthew is now two years old. So, we’re hoping the doctors are right this time.

You may have noticed that I haven’t talked about the Thistle tank recently. I finished the front and had started the back, but I just wasn’t feeling the love. Then, I saw Green Gables, modeled by Lynne. Smashing! Both Lynne and the sweater. Do you think if I knit it I will look as gorgeous as she does? I’m going to give it a valiant try. So, Thistle is frogged (or in the process) and Green Gables has been cast on. I tried to get a picture, but it was impossible, so you’ll have to wait until I’m further along.

And, Izzy’s Christmas gift is now into miles and miles of plain stockinette. I thought I would be bored to tears, but it’s gone fairly quickly and I’m actually almost done. There is a little shaping involved to give a thimbleful of interest, but the real interest will come in the companion piece.

Back to work tomorrow – I’ve been spoiled with 5 days in a row off. On the bright side, I only work two days and them I’m off three. Really spoiled, huh?

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  1. The way it was explained to me, the untrasound reading can show for sure if it’s a boy, but if it looks like a girl it could be a modest little boy keeping his private parts private.

    Whatever sex it turns out to be, it’s going to have a beautiful handknit outfit to wear.

  2. You are something, Dorothy! I think it will look wonderful on you! I would make another one but I have about three other things I want to knit yet this summer! It’s a very adaptable pattern.

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