Ok, are we ready?

Crib – check
High chair – check
Baby locks on cabinets – check
Constantly forgetting baby locks on cabinets and trying to jerk doors open – check
Diapers – check
Baby wipes – check
Baby wash – check
Bathtub toys – check
Christmas knitting done and wrapped – check
Camera battery charged – check
Kitchen remodel finished – check
Oven repaired and ready to go – ok, so the plan’s not perfect, but the repair guy comes tomorrow.

So, I think we’re ready.

And the final photos:





Now, if you’ll excuse me – we’re going out to dinner because we don’t want to get it dirty! Merry Christmas to all!!

6 thoughts on “

  1. HA! So funny, new kitchen, going out to dinner so as not to get it dirty! That’s exactly what I’d do!It looks just beautiful! Nothing like a new kitchen to lift the spirits.
    Crib? Diapers? Have I missed something here?

  2. Happy Holidays to all! Your kitchen is beautiful, and I can see why you moved the coffee pot. Someone can get a cup of coffee without putting more bodies further in the kitchen where someone may be stirring something on the stove. Looks great, and I know you’ll love those new counters. You need to come to my house for a couple of months to get me organized. I just can’t bear to part with my trash!

    Kiss and hug all your family for me and Mother.

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