A rare moment of quiet has descended on the household (quiet being a relative term!). The boys (son, husband and friend of son) are playing video games, Abby is working on Sudoku, and Izzy is blissfully sleeping. While I can still hold my eyes open, I’ll try to catch up.

Per requests, here are some detail shots of Izzy’s Christmas outfit:





Stats: Dale of Norway pattern, yarn also Dale (Baby Ull). Definitely worth the trouble!

Santa (more specifically, my husband) was very good to me. With a little help in the advice department from Lorette, he gifted me with six glorious skeins of off white cashmere in sport/dk weight. Of course, I couldn’t hurt his feelings and so I had to cast on right away. The one Faroese shawl I have is out of Silky Wool and is a little lightweight. I’ve been wanting one in a sport weight and this is perfect. I’m whipping right along and at this rate will be done in no time at all. Pictures will follow soon.

My parents left yesterday and called today to say that they arrived safely at home. Thankfully their flights in both directions were picture perfect with no delays and no turbulence. This bodes well for convincing them to fly out again (right, Mom and Dad?).

I’m grateful that we got some good pictures of Izzy because in the last two days, she’s fallen twice! She has a nice scrape on one side of her forehead and a nasty goose egg on the other. The scrape happened on mommy and daddy’s watch, but the goose egg happened on mine. And a bloody nose to boot! I hope they let me watch her again. I promise, I wasn’t knitting or anything while I was supposed to be watching her. She was literally inches away from me when it happened! Man, that kid can move fast.

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  1. Wonderful! That outfit is truely something to brag about and enjoy looking at. It’s at its very most wonderful when it’s on Izzy.

    Thanks for the pictures.

    Did you remember to buy bandaids with pictures on them. I still have some leftover bandaids with ants and eyeballs from little Kimmy who is way too grown up to wear them now.

  2. That is one fabulous outfit! Poor Izzy…the things mine used to do when they were little-and always the day before school photos. Can’t wait to see what you’re making with your new gift!

  3. This outfit is beyond adorable! As is Izzy in it!

    Can’t wait to see your new Faroese shawl, that hubby sure knows his Christmas presents! 🙂

    Happy Healthy New Year to you and yours Dorothy!!

    PS – Let’s see some beaded knitting in 2007 girl!!!

  4. The Dale of Norway outfit is GORGEOUS! You outdid yourself, grandma. (p.s. Don’tcha think a pair of big fuzzy dice would make a nice accessory? LOL.)

  5. Dale makes some of the cutest baby and kid patterns. They tend to be more labor intensive so I’ve only made one or two for babies who are related to me. Seeing Izzy in her outfit makes me look forward to knitting for grandchildren (all in good time!) or grandnieces and nephews.

  6. Your granddaughter looks fantastic in her new outfit! I can’t wait until my own granddaughter is born. Besides the wee baby stuff I have already knitted, I have a Dale of Norway sweater all picked out and ready for next winter. I want to make it in a 12 month size so that it will at least get ONE season of wear. It’s a gender-nuetral design so it should be able to be passed down from one grandchild to the next. (Optomistic grandma-to-be counting her grandchildren before they are “hatched”.)

  7. Izzy’s outfit is sooo cute! I hope that she doesn’t grow fast so she can wear it for a long time yet. You are quite lucky you can get Tudor Roses through your library. I ended up first looking at it when on a trip to Cleveland. I was too embarassed to tell the librarians I was looking at all their Starmore books after traveling from another state. They have a great collection in the Cleveland library though.

  8. The zebra buttons are perfect for that perfect outfit on that perfect child 🙂 Good luck after they leave. Cashmere for a shawl sounds like good comfort knintting,

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