Another busy week – back to work, school and other activities. I’ve gotten a lot done, but haven’t even kept up on my blog reading, much less posting. However, I do have some progress to show. First off – Forest Path. I am now on Tier 4!


I definitely have the hang of it, but that doesn’t mean frogging hasn’t been necessary! I have to remember whether I’m on an odd or even tier and pay attention to whether I pick stitches up from the front or the back and whether the first stitch is slipped as if to knit or purl. I think I made a mistake in picking up way back, but I am not, repeat NOT going back that far. I have to admit to being just a tad nervous looking at this. I am an experienced lace knitter and I know that unblocked lace looks like crap. But this looks more like crap than usual. I think it’s because of all the zigging and zagging. But I am undeterred and pressing on!

I’ve also been sewing quite a bit as well. I’ll have an Izzy dress to show by next week. I also am in charge of a Mystery Quilt project for my Round Robin group. This is a very talented group of ladies that I got together about 10 years ago. There are five of us, with three of us from the original group and others that have come and gone. Over the years we’ve done mini workshops, round robin quilts and worked on quilts for each other. We decided to do a mystery quilt as something new we haven’t tried before. I found the Fly Away Home quilt pattern and decided it would be a great small project. I think I can safely show this since to my knowledge, none of the group reads my blog:


Of course, if any of them do, the mystery has been ruined. I think I may do some tweaking with this too and add some embroidery in the white squares.

Ummm – and where is school in all this? It’s a good thing this is a one class, low stress semester. I’ve spent so much time sewing and knitting that I’ve been neglecting my school work just a little. So, I will need to buckle down this week and work on a couple of essays. So far, I’ve done well, with all but one of my essays earning a perfect score. Wouldn’t you know, though, that one essay really bugs me, even though I was only 2 points off! Just a month and a half to go and then I will be FREE, FREE, FREE for the summer! After that, only three classes and a seminar to go. I am SO ready to be done!

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  1. Such a pretty color for your FPS! I just finished Tier 4 (well, I’m technically still on the right side triangle between Tiers 4 and 5, but you get the idea:) Yours is looking really nice. What yarn are you using? If you’ve mentioned it, I seem to have missed it. Really pretty.

  2. It does NOT look like crap. You’re making very good progress. And if YOU are having trouble with FPS, I am extremely glad that I didn’t sign up for this one.

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