I have the blogging blahs. Actually, I have the blahs in general. Don’t get me wrong, life is good. Maybe it’s the time of year, maybe it’s just the little frustrations. Work has been frustrating. For the fourth time in two years, I’ve hired a great employee, only to have her leave after two months for greener pastures. I understand each person has to look out for herself, etc., but a litte more sticking power would be nice. Fortunately I’ve been able to hire a provisional dental assistant to get us through a scheduled employee leave, but I’m a little concerned about her too. She’s coming from a huge dental practice in Eastern Washington and I’m a little nervous that she’s going to come prepared to teach us country hicks just how a dental office should be run. Hmmm – I sound a little cynical, don’t I?

Perhaps it’s my college class, the Psychology of Women. There are a lot of interesting points in this class, but I’m tired of hearing how everything is a conspiracy by a patriarchal society to keep women beaten down and powerless. Personally, I always considered it a privilege to stay home when my baby was born and kind of felt sorry for my husband that he had to go out and make a living for us. And grateful too – thanks honey!! And I like pink and playing with dolls – so what if that makes me a pawn of a sexist male dominated society?

Ok, enough whining. Wanna see what I did today?


Another cute little Izzy dress. It looks huge to me, but it’s the same size as the last one, which fits her well enough to wear now, but with room to grow. I also decided to embellish the quilt I showed you several weeks ago:


I think the butterflies really add some pizzazz! Tomorrow I’m off to Bellingham for another class – but I called ahead and confirmed this time! Word has it that we’re doing a cute tote bag. A girl can never have too many cute tote bags! Egads! I’d be drummed out of my Psychology of Women class for that quote. However, being named to the President’s Honor Roll for fall quarter will take the sting out of that!

Still working on the Forest Path Stole, but to tell the truth, picutres from here on out will just be more of the same, so don’t know if it’s worth posting every time. Instead, I will leave you with this – can you believe how grown up she looks? Very big sisterish!


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  1. I love the little outfit. It’s super cute. I feel the same as you do, Nana. I think it’s a privilege staying home with my baby (babies soon-to-be :D). I love hanging out with Isobel and be at every little milestone in her life. I sometimes call Ben up at work just to tell him the little cute things she did, so he doesn’t feel left out.

  2. I was home with my kids until they started school and have always felt sorry for the women who can’t or feel like they can’t. There were many times in my corporate America career that I saw women come back to work after maternity leave and sit at their desks and cry.

    Love that picture of Izzy!

    It is a blah time of year. I deleted entire sentences out of my blog post today because I imagined you making another comment about me being a little crabby.

  3. Izzy is almost as beautiful as my own daughter, the dress she is wearing in that pic is lovely as well.

  4. How is it that kids grow up so fast, when us adults are so ageless? Yeah right, who am I kidding?
    Congrats on the Honor Roll! And love the quilt!
    As for blog blahs….I’m there right now too.

  5. I’ve been so blah, but a visit with my granddaughter today perked me right up. Look how adorable yours is! And yes, I felt very lucky to be able to stay home with my babies. Wouldn’t have given that up for any job in the world.

  6. Izzy is so sweet in this photo, she lifts the blahs away. I’ve been having blogging blahs too until today. I posted lots of photos and then felt much better 🙂

  7. When I have one of those rare mid-afternoon knitting moments (with diet coke and tivo, of course) it never occurs to me that I am being “victimized” by a male dominated society. Never even crosses my mind… HAH!

  8. I think I recognize the Brittany jumper again in this picture and this time your granddaughter is posing beautifully. Wasn’t this the handknit that she would continually take off last summer? I like the one that I made my 2 year old granddaughter, but I wish I would have made it longer since she is pretty tall. Maybe I will make another after seeing yours… Great job.

    My niece took a college class like the one you are talking about. Her comment was “But I love my father, my brother, my grandfather, my uncle and my boyfriend, so I can’t buy into that.” Interesting.

  9. Women have more choices to make than men, I think. Since men are traditionally the hunters, it’s still generally accepted for them to be the main money-makers. Today’s woman has to make a choice many times – career or family. For me, there was never any question. I enjoy every minute I have with my girls. There will be plenty of time when they are older for me to work if I want. For now, I love being with them. I think my being home with them will give them a much more positive role model than if I was out in the business world and not spending time with them.

    As for pink, I have finally come to terms (after having two girls) with the fact that I like pink and I don’t care if anyone says it’s a girly color. (I like purple, too.)

  10. Isn’t true emancipation about having choices? My beef is the reverse…why is it assumed Ms. Career Woman will make dinner every night, clean, shop ect. PLUS have a full time career? What, is her career less important than her man’s so she’s rarin’ to go after working the very same 8 – 10 workday? Ok, ok I’ll stop, it’s a knitting blog 🙂 – I’m a little crabby myself Marguerite – neverending computer issues will do that to a girl (btw, I can comment on typepad but I can’t access blogger in any way – my blog or comments! And I can see web pages but all have little bits and pieces missing – serenity now!!

    Love the new little dress and the embellished quilt is uber precious!

  11. Great knit on your gorgeous granddaughter. I love your comment on having too many bags!
    As for the blahs’ I’m working hard to avoid them right now. It’s tough but reading and writing blogs really helps me!

  12. The issue of staying home with your young children is a tricky one. I resented it, early in my career, when the head of a personnel department told me I was lucky to have my job and I should be home cooking for a man. And I resented being denied access to certain jobs in sales because I was a woman. But when the time came for me to make the choice between being home with my son or working on staff, I became a freelancer so I could work part-time and stay at home. And in my son’s eyes, I was always there for him, since I worked early in the morning, when he napped, and at night. I don’t regret that choice for a moment.

  13. Hi Dorothy, took a quick trip dpwn to B’Ham last weekend and picked up two skeins of Zephyr. Haven’t decided on a pattern. What a selection of colours! Hope you’re feeling better,

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