What a busy week! In addition to school and work, this Saturday I helped host an all day retreat for three churches. As part of it, I taught a 2 1/2 hour class. By the end of the day I was exhausted and could barely talk! I’ve heard that the difference between extroverts and introverts is that extroverts are energized by contact with people and introverts are energized by solitude. I am definitely an introvert. Being “on” all day was very draining for me. However, the retreat was a huge success and culminated a nine week training for Stephen Ministers for all three churches. Now we have 12 wonderful, trained caregivers to send back to their churches to minister. Well worth the exhaustion.

I find myself getting my schedule cluttered up again. It’s not necessarily that I can’t say “No”, but that I have so many fun things presenting themselves. On my last trip up to Bellingham for a machine class, the owner of the shop asked ME to teach some classes! I guess she was impressed with some of the projects I’m doing. I told her that I couldn’t commit to any kind of regular schedule. It’s too far away (an hour each way) and I’ve got an awful lot on my plate now. But I did agree to do a few here and there. At least it will help fund my new addiction – thread! I’m finding that in order to do all the lovely projects I’d like, you need a palette of beautiful colors (sounds suspiciously like a stash, huh?).

Lest you think that I have left knitting by the wayside, I’ve made quite a bit of progress on both the baby afghan and Forest Path. The problem is, they look just like the last picture (go ahead and look, I’ll wait), only longer. I’m up to Tier 12 on Forest Path – well over half way. I’ve heard that some other members of the Knit Along aren’t going the whole 23 tiers because it will be too big. I’ll keep my options open, but that may be a possibility because it is getting pretty long now. I’ve decided to concentrate on those two projects until they’re done!

And just to keep the blog a little interesting – a picture. The model shot of Alberta:


I wore it to church this morning and what a delight! It was warm and soft and perfect for a rather cool spring morning. I felt quite pampered.

Hope I have something interesting to talk about next week. I’ll continue to work on my two projects, so maybe I’ll post a picture just to prove that I am indeed knitting away!

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  1. The shawl is gorgeous. Thanks for the picture.

    Bet you were the cause of some sinning in church this morning – shawl envy! I would have been guilty if I were there.

  2. Kristen tok my comment, you look like an angel. I’d say that’s a good look for church 🙂 Are you going to the Seattle Knitting expo?

  3. That is a lovely shawl, Dorothy! You do look like an angel!
    I’m an introvert, too. I wonder if that’s true of most knitters, or if we’re evenly divided into intros/extras?

  4. That shawl is just beautiful. I’m definitely an introvert if it means you need a chunk of quiet time (alone). I have a thread “collection” too because I use different kinds for different types of finishing (silk for hand sewing, buttonhole twist for topstitching, Dual Duty for machine sewing). I haven’t even contemplated what it would take for embroidery!

  5. Oh, Dorothy. You look like an angel with that shawl around your shoulders! It’s just beautiful! YOu know, anything we do outside of our Godly gifts and personality is exhasuting, isn’t it?

  6. I found your blog a few days ago searching for some Stahman shawls. Yours turned out just beautiful! And in cashmere it must feel divine. I’m a bit over halfway on ‘Susan’, but in black. I want to do a soft white one next.
    Thanks for the wonderful picture. It’s a great book.

  7. Another introvert here-although I can be plenty chatty with my nearest and dearest. Your Alberta is simply beautiful! I need to go back and see what yarn you used…

  8. Hi Dorothy – Congratulations on your finished shawl! It is gorgeous & I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel. Stahlman shawls are so nice – they just hug the body so well. I can hardly wait to see how the Forest Path shawl comes along. . . I’ve drooled over that pattern & it is in my pile of things to do, but at this point, I’ve got a lot of other projects queued up – like the Oregon shawl for my son’s fiance for their wedding. 🙂 Hope we’ll cross paths again soon!

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