I wasn’t sure if I would post today since I don’t have any photos, but since it may be a week or two I’ll let you know the itinerary. First of all, I am on vacation!!! Let’s hear a Woo! and a Hoo! I really need this break. Work has been particularly frustrating lately. I don’t know if it has to do with seeing retirement as an option in a few years, but I’m tired of the same old problems cropping up again and again. I’m tired of dealing with parents who see taking care of their kids as an imposition. I’m tired of feuding parents using their children as weapons against each other. I’m tired of parents who just don’t want to pay their bills. I’m tired of insurance companies who seem to look for ways to deny claims. And I’m tired of a state welfare system that seems more interested in funding unnecessary programs rather than quality medical care for children. Ok, rant over. After all, I’m on vacation!!

I’ve pretty much got my projects organized and just a few last minute items to tuck in. For knitting I’m taking a pair of socks on the needles and yarn for a new pair, a new CIC project and an afghan panel (more on that when I return). For sewing projects I’m taking a couple of outfits for Izzy and some fabric to try out more bear linen ideas, plus designs for Christmas presents and ornaments. We’ll also work on some computer digitizing. I don’t have the digitizing software, but my friend does. However, she doesn’t really know how to use it, but I do. So we’ll work on teaching her some digitizing skills while I get to access the software for some of my own projects.

We leave tomorrow for Leavenworth and will spend the rest of the day tomorrow and Sunday morning sightseeing with the hubbies. They’ll leave Sunday afternoon since the other hubby needs to go to work and my hubby is anxious to get back and work on his airplanes. Then my friend Lisa and I will spend the next three days happily sewing away with breaks here and there for more sightseeing or maybe a trip to Wenatchee to a quilt shop. On Thursday Lisa will drop me off in Marysville, where I will meet Bill and we’ll head on down to California. We’ll spend the night in Oregon and pick up his new baby the next day. After a night in California, we’ll head home with an overnight stop once again in Oregon. Then home on Sunday. I’ll need to go into work on Monday to do payroll and deal with accumulated mail and probably 50 messages on the machine, but it will be blissfully quiet because I’ll be alone. Then a couple of more days off to rest and I got back to work on Thursday.

I will have internet access part of the time, but not on my own computer, so I probably won’t be able to post pictures, so will wait until I get back. See you all then!

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  1. Have a good trip! It sounds like it’s much needed.

    And I love that your packing is mostly about which projects to take. When I go away, that consumes the bulk of my packing time. And much of my suitcase space.

  2. I’m on vacation, too. Spent the day in Seattle. I had a 20% off coupon for Hilltop Yarns and didn’t spend a penny. I still have two days in B’Ham, and will probably break my fast at Marilyn’s. Enjoy your time off,

  3. One more thing, have you heard? Everything is 20% off at Marilyn’s through Mother’s Day. I didn’t buy a darn thing as I was courting a monster migraine and couldn’t think straight.

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