It’s been a rather quiet week here at Missouri Star – not a lot of blogworthy happenings.  Now that the excitement of sewing week and California car trip is over, it seems we settle down into just "life" and await the next flurry of activity in September when we travel to Orlando for the new arrival.

I pulled out Forest Path and worked on it again.  I have to admit to being pretty bored with it at this point (no need to put that on the Forest Path Knitalong site, ok?).  I’m on Tier 14 out of 23.  The full 23 tiers will make this pretty huge and I’m waffling.  Somehow cutting it short seems copping out and I do like big shawls, so I’ll probably plug ahead.  Here’s a shot of it so far:


This came in the mail this week:


I’ve been inducted into the Honor Society – complete with honors cord to wear at graduation!  This certainly helps compensate for all the eyeball bleeding activities that have gone on.  I also reserved rooms for graduation weekend.  I’ve heard that if you want the best spots you need to reserve a year in advance.  And I got a doozy – The Churchyard Inn.  It should prove to be a fun weekend.  My brother-in-law is a professor at WSU and he and his wife are going to throw a party for us.  After 10 years of hard work, I think a little celebration is in order!

Yesterday I went up to Bellingham to the Bernina store to teach a class.  To my dismay, no one showed up!  I don’t think the store owner advertised it very well.  I had called her the week before to see how many students were enrolled and she had no idea!  I suggested she cancel the class, but she wanted to forge ahead.  So, I taught the class to her and one employee and got paid anyway.  I used my fee and the teacher discount to buy lots and lots of thread.  I think I’m all set with thread for awhile and now need to stop buying and start sewing!  And if I’m going to do that I need to do it now – beginning the end of June and going through most of July I will be working 5 days a week (instead of 4).  I’m not really looking forward to that.  I do love my Fridays off.  But it will give me the opportunity to sock some money away – maybe for a new computer.  I have an Apple discount as long as I’m in school and might look at upgrading my Mac before I graduate.

So there you have it – pretty boring news.  If you’ve made it this far – thanks for sticking with me.  I’ll try to have more excitement next week, but no promises!

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  1. I think it’s all excellent news! Congrats on the Honor Society!

    Your FPS looks so pretty! I’m going to have to dig mine out again soon.

  2. Congrats! At least the eye bleeding paid off 🙂

    The FPS looks lovely, wish mine did! Come visit me, you never write, never call….

  3. Congratulations on the Honor Society. What fun that you’re planning your graduation. That year will be over before we know it.

    Forest Path looks gorgeous, but I can relate to your boredom. It’s always sad when a beloved project turns into the boring project, but is the nature of most substantial knitting projects. The reward is at the end.

  4. Keep plugging along on FPS – it is beautiful. Congratulations on your achievement. With your perseverence and grades, it’s no surprise!
    You would think the shop owner would have advertised more, or at least have let you know no one was signed up for the day before you drove out.

  5. Your shawl is beautiful–keep on with it–and congrats on making the honor society. I had classes where no one has shown up, and it made me feel sad, but I usually end up having a nice time anyway.

  6. Your news is not boring at all! Congratulations on being Honor Society inductee. And I think Forest Path is truly lovely. Just think of how much you’ll enjoy wearing it and the remaining tiers might go faster.

    It is too bad about the class. Is there any way you can (or they can) advertise free of charge–if it is ad dollars that are the obstacle? For example, in the gym I go to, there is a bulletin board where people can post business cards or flyers for things they do or sell. It is even possible for nonmembers to get notices up.

  7. Graduation with honors….not a small accomplishment, and certainly not a boring one. Congratulations. 14 tiers out of 23? Why, you’re past the halfway point. It will go faster from here on out. And it looks beautiful, so you have to finish it.

  8. Congratulation on being inducted into the HOnor Society — That is no small thing. The shawl of gorgeous but I can certainly relate to being bored with a project.

  9. Congratulations!

    We had a good wkend, but again, hit three yarn stores without spending a dime. May have bought a car, though. Yikes,

  10. Honors society is definitely NOT boring news! Congratulations! And nice work on the FPS. I think Kris is ready to burn hers in my backyard (by the lake for safety).

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