Rock Stars of Knitting

The class with Elsebeth Lavold was outstanding, as expected!  Elsebeth is a lovely person and a very patient teacher:


Can you see that stunning afghan in the background?  Accompanying her was her gracious husband Anders Rydell (who, by the way, does all of her photography and the narratives in her books):


We were all agog over his stunning sweater.  He said that he read in a newspaper article that Elsebeth was one of the "rocks stars of knitting."  He was quite impressed that he was married to a rock star!

The first part of the class dealt with lifted increases and the basics of Viking cables.  I had done the increases before, but wasn’t sure I was doing them quite right and she really clarified the mechanics of it.  She also taught us a technique for cabling without a needle.  I’ve tried it before, but always struggled so much that it wasn’t worth the effort.  She showed us a nifty trick and now I’m anxious to do a cabled project to try it out some more.

The second half of the class we learned to miter a corner with cables:


Pretty cool, eh?  We did learn how to make the cables at the corner with spaces that more accurately match the rest of the piece, but I was anxious to turn the corner and didn’t want to do the two extra rows required. 

After class we were invited to accompany Elsebeth and Anders to dinner:


What a wonderful opportunity.  We had a lovely time talking about yarn, knitting, music, politics and myriad other subjects.  One thing that I found strange – she said that her books don’t really have a market in Sweden.  She said that she is really not appreciated over there.  We all made sure that she knew she was appreciated here and can come back any time!  I’m really anxious now to start one of her designs with the Silky Wool that I have, but I’m trying to be very disciplined and finish a project or two first. 

Right now I’m concentrating on Forest Path.  I’m up to tier 22!!  Woo hoo!!!  Two more tiers to go and then what I’m sure will be the boring part of knitting up the edges.  I’ll post some progress pictures next time.  Also up – pictures of our road construction.  Not at all going as we would have wished!

11 thoughts on “Rock Stars of Knitting

  1. I can’t believe she isn’t well known in Sweden. She is a rock star here. What a terrific opportunity for you. Sounds like you all had a great time. How’s Hester, btw?

  2. Thanks for the report on your wonderful day with Elsebeth. Love that mitered swatch.

    I’ll be watching with interest to see what you cast on with the Silky Wool.

    Sympathy on the road project. I can relate to the “Not at all going as we would have wished!”

  3. What a great opportunity! I remember when I was into basketry – I managed to take classes from some pretty “famous” basketmakers. You always come away with such terrific new techniques and renewed enthusiasm. I envy you….

  4. That sounds like a terrific class–I’d love to know how to do miters with cables. It took a while for me to figure out how the lifted increases work in her cables, but it makes for a very nice effect. And despite my complaints about the pattern for Liv, I am going to embark on her Thora sweater that is in Arans and Celtics (although not with Silky Wool). Now that I’ve figured out how to adapt the patterns, I will probably try a few more. The designs are beautiful. And that afghan is truly a work of art.

    You’re so close to being done on Forest Path that I hope you’ll do it. I can’t wait for the modeling shot. That shawl is one that has captivated me for a long time.

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