Caution: Actual knitting content follows

Caution:  actual knitting content follows.  Things have been in such upheaval lately that I haven’t really posted about knitting.  So, it’s time for an update.  Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of negative knitting.  First off:  Garden Path.  Things were going along swimmingly and I was making tremendous progress.  In fact, I was only a few rows from the border.  Then I realized that on the "path" sections I had knitted too many plain rows between the flowers.

Since there are only four of these sections, I decided to try dropping down just those sections and knitting back up.  Didn’t work.  So there was nothing for it but to (gasp!) take the whole thing off the needles and start ripping!  On the plus side, it did give an opportunity to get a photo:


I finally got it all back on the needles and tinked back a row.  All better!  Well, not exactly.  I’m about halfway through the second side and my stitch count is off.  I know exactly where it is and I’m afraid the only solution is to drop that little section down and pick up.  But that’s going to take concentration and no distractions, which is in short supply right now.  So Garden Path is in the time-out chair.

So, plain stockinette socks should do the trick, right?  I spent hours untangling the yarn that Lucy had been playing with.  Finally accomplished I sat down to knit on them and discovered this:


Dang!  She not only tangled the yarn and broke a needle, but left holes as well!  There may be enough yarn to just take out this section and start over, but I don’t have the energy for that, so this too has been relegated to the time-out chair.

So, now what?  Maybe a whole new project is in order.  We have Secret Santas at work, so I started a scarf for my gift.  This is a Seaman’s scarf from Myrna Stahman’s book:


I have no idea how this will be cared for, so I’m using some washable Encore sport weight from my stash.

As a consolation prize for all the knitting disasters, this came in the mail today:


I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a package from China before.  Inside:


Beautiful, soft luscious cashmere/silk yarn for the Princess Shawl.  This is such beautiful yarn!  It seems a little heavier than I expected and I hope it will work.  I’ll be doing some swatching to make sure.  Plans are probably to start it while I’m home over Christmas.  This will definitely be a multi-year project.

And, of course I must leave you with some puppy cuteness.  We love playing with our toys:


But it is rather exhausting!


11 thoughts on “Caution: Actual knitting content follows

  1. Sorry about the sock ‘accident’!! Good luck with the re-knit of your Garden Path. The yarn from China is beautiful. . . tell me about it, please.

  2. What an adorable picture of the hubler and the pupler! ( a nickname I actually call Pumpkin, btw…he’s my little pupler, please don’t ask me how or why, lol)

    It’s as if she’s been a part of the family forever!

    I won’t even discuss the pond residents, just offer my sympathies 🙂

  3. What a brave person you are to take the forest path off the needles! Hope you have enough yarn to remedy the poor sock. I have some creamy Cinese cashmere lace yarn too, but I haven’t decided which project yet. If it is not too much trouble, can I ask which online seller you got the yarn from? Thanks.

  4. Garden Path is lovely – and hope she is out of the naughty chair soon! I would have been SO Nervous trying to frog such an intricate pattern. You are one brave lady!!

    Bad Lucy!! 🙂 Sofee has cost me numerous needles (her favorite chew toy there for awhile) but never chewed fabric. She just wanted to stay in your thoughts a little longer… 🙂

    There’s another photo for the memory wall! Great shot!

    She is such a beautiful dog. Our next door neighbor has a Corgi. I really like Maggie’s coloring. Tessa (next door) loves to “herd” Sofee along the fence line. Sofee is totally indignant, as SHE thinks SHE is in charge of the entire neighborhood! It’s a hoot!

  5. Garden Path is so pretty. You’ve been working hard on it. Great knitting fun but not so easy to work on when you have a baby in the house.

    That last picture is a classic. Nothing sweeter than snuggling and snoozing with a tired furbaby.

  6. Hi Dorothy,

    I’m so sorry about Hester. Her life may have been short, but you all shared so much love in that time. Lucy and Maggie are both beautiful. It looks like Maggie is settling in well! She’s such a cutie! sorry to hear about the knitting “issues”.
    take care,

  7. Another blogger mentioned a trick I have used successfully when having to frog a few rows of lace knitting. While still on the needles, pin the work as if you were blocking (but maybe not as intensely), spray the affected section with some spray starch and let it dry. The starch holds the stitches stable enough to rip and pick up again on needles with far less frustration. It sure saved my nerves!

    The shawl is beautiful! And so is the pup!

  8. Sorry to hear of the knitting woes but the scarf looks beautiful. So does the shawl although I realize it is in time out… still pretty.

  9. It is too bad you’re having problems with Garden Path. It is a pattern I’ve looked at again and again, and so I really do appreciate seeing the picture of it off your needles.

    I tried one of the Seamen’s scarves last year using Brooks Farm Acero, which is a wool-tencel mix, and it turned out beautifully. I loved those patterns, and I plan to make a few more scarves. I think the wool-tencel would be machine washable (with some care–gentle cycle, cold water). I think whoever gets that scarf will be very pleased with it.

    Would it be possible to just darn the holes instead of ripping and reknitting the sock?

    And I can’t wait to see your progress with that gorgeous cashmere.

  10. Oh that cute little pupcake. They look so peaceful when they’re asleep.

    I waved at you this morning when we drove past the Deception Pass turnoff on our way home from our weekend on Orcas. One of these days we’ll have to make it a goal to meet up with no other plans, just a Lifesastitch/Missouri star plus guys event.

    Thanks for the sweet anniversary wishes.

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