Still here!

Yes, I’m still here.  I thought that once school was done for the semester I’d have more time, but factor in extra work hours and a new puppy and free time has been in short supply.  I’ve even had a hard time keeping up with my blog reading.  It’s also been difficult to find blocks of time to knit or sew.  Every time I sit down it seems Maggie is into something or needs to be reminded to go outside.  Not that I’m complaining!  She’s so sweet and I know this is just for a limited time – she’ll grow up way too soon.

On the school front, I got an A in my Gerontology class, but am still waiting for the grade in my Psychology of Motivation.  I’m fairly certain I got an A in that one as well.  Several weeks ago, I wasn’t too sure.  On my first assignment, I got a 40 out of 40.  On the second one, I only got 20 out of 40 – a failing grade!!  I was quite upset and the worst part was that the grade was posted late Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  I emailed the teacher trying to find out how I could have gone so horribly wrong, but of course she was out of the office until the next Monday.  Bill kept telling to relax, that it must have been a mistake.  On Monday my teacher emailed an apology.  Apparently in a past version of the class 20 was the maximum points you could receive on that assignment.  She forgot – my grade was really 40.  But it did make for a stressful weekend.

When I have had a free moment or two I’ve been doing secret Christmas sewing and knitting, so I can’t show anything.  So, what better way to distract you than with puppies and babies?


We had gotten a little basket to put Maggie’s toys in, but she had a better idea:


We’re off to the vet this afternoon.  Last Saturday she got sick and threw up her entire dinner.  After that she started refusing to eat and since then has only eaten about half of what she should.  Yesterday she started getting diarrhea, so it’s off to the doctor today just to be sure she’s ok.  She’s still lively – I lost track of how many times writing this post I had to get up and see what she was up to!  So I think she’s ok.

Only four more days of work, then a whole week off for Christmas!  Next Saturday should be loads of fun.  Remember last year my sister took me backstage for the ballet Sleeping Beauty?  Next Saturday we’re going backstage for the Nutcracker.  This is the great Pacific Northwest Ballet version with sets by Maurice Sendak.  My friend Jan is going with us too and it should be great fun.  I’ll be sure to get lots of pictures!

P.S.  Just a quick update – Maggie is fine.  She has giardia, easily treated and the vet said she is otherwise in excellent health.  We are very relieved.


10 thoughts on “Still here!

  1. Thank goodness Maggie is ok. Very familiar with Giardia. Wolfie had it as a pup. She is so cute in that basket. And your grandbabies are adorable. Congrats on the excellent grades. Have a great time at the ballet (Phil and I read all of Maurice Sendak’s books when he was young. Happy Holidays to everyone.

  2. Sweet pictures. You succeeded in distracting me.

    The granddaughters are just too cute. Ivy just begs to have those cheeks kissed.

    Glad Maggie is OK. I think she needs a nice basket bed so she doesn’t have to sit on her toys. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been knitting when it’s safe to show.

  3. That is a fabulously wonderful picture of the pup squeeeeezing herself in the toy basket. Love it. It makes it even better when they will stay cute long enough for you to grab the camera so we can all share in the supreme cuteness!

    Pats on Maggie’s puppy head from me, please.

  4. How cute is that – a basketful of puppy. And what a big girl Izzy is. It seems like just yesterday I was getting to know you and reading about the London wedding.

  5. Love the photos or the babes – all three of them! Hope Maggie gets a good report at the vet’s. Keep us posted. Puppy stage is trying, but they are oh so cute at that stage!!

    Will be watching for the ballet photos too. Love your blog….

  6. From my prospective: This morning we awoke to find Maggie had messed in her kennel during the night. I’m not sure which end of the puppy the mess came from (I didn’t get that close). But bless her heart, Dorothy jumped right in there without hesitation and cleaned it all up. Me…? I’m afraid I’ve got this “reaction thing” that’s hard-wired directly to my gag reflex and it won’t let me become too involved with unexpected doggie fluids (from either end of the dog). I’m convinced there must be something in the female gene sequence (thank God) that allows mommys to get past the smell and work through these issues. And though we’ve seen a marked improvement in Maggie’s condition in the past 48 hours, it still amazes me how such an adorable little 9-pound pee/poop/vomit machine has turned our life upside down. Thank you Dorothy for taking care of us!

  7. Strong work on the A grades! Those grandchildren are just too cute.
    I’m glad your pup is OK, I was going to suggest Giardia as the cause. Oh, and get Hubby a clothespin for his nose. Guys can clean up poop just as well as girls. 😉

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