Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.  Our celebration consisted of trying to stay up as late as possible, but we’re both fighting colds and hit the hay at 9:30!  I did take the time to make an inventory of my knitting accomplishments for 2007:

8 pairs of socks
1 pair fingerless mitts
2 shawls
1 baby afghan
1 vest
1 scarf
4 baby/child sweaters
2 small quilts

Not quite the output of 2006, but not too shabby either.  And considering that I also had some pretty difficult classes it’s probably surprising I got that much done.  Oh, and that doesn’t include several dresses I made for Isobel.  What are my goals for this year?  Well, looking at my last year’s New Year’s resolution, I set some rather unrealistic goals about the number of wip’s I would have at any time.  Marguerite pointed out that I have 9 wip’s posted on Ravelry.  That is definitely too many.  So today I’m going to spend assessing each project and some may be frogged.  My goal for 2008 will be to complete the ones that remain and to end the year with considerably fewer projects than I started.

Marguerite also requested more puppy pictures, so here you are:

Maggie’s newest toy is the laundry basket.  She loves jumping in and out:


However, sorting laundry can be quite exhausting:



She also loves investigating interesting smelling objects:


And this has become an increasingly frequent sight around here:


My friend Jan pointed out that Kirby is not getting equal photo opportunity.  Kirby is getting to be pretty old – he’ll turn 15 this year.  He spends much of his time sleeping, curled up next to me in the chair while I knit.  So it’s pretty hard to catch him doing anything else.  Here he is in one of his more alert moments:


He still has not quite accepted Maggie.  As far as he’s concerned, she’s an annoying little pest.  She’ll run circles around him, barking and trying to get him to play, but he is clearly not interested.  I believe he’ll come around, though.  It took him several months to get used to Hester, and she was not nearly as squirrely as little Maggie.  Bill and I, however, are completely taken in by Maggie.  She is settling in to be a very good little dog.  She’s completely housebroken now and for the most part confines her chewing to her toys.  She sits on command and comes most of the time.

Yesterday Bill and I were reflecting on how differently the year turned out than we had expected.  A year ago we had no idea that Ivy would be coming into our lives.  We also did not know that Hester would be leaving us, or that Maggie would come and fill in the gap left by her death.  Joys and sorrows.  I wonder what this year will bring?

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Such adorable pictures! Thanks for posting them. Isn’t it true that no year ends the way we think it will. Joys and sorrows is so correct. But we persevere. In some strange way, we tend to grow stronger from the sorrows, and the joys are our reward in life. May 2008 bring you many more joys than sorrows.

  2. I’ve been waiting for more puppy pictures too! Poor Kirby seems a little disgruntled. I know what you mean about photographing old dogs – ours is 14 and mostly enjoys sleeping. You have an impressive list of FOs for someone who works as well as takes challenging classes.

  3. I think your FO list is quite impressive. I have been thinking over mine, and it seems as if there should be more than there actually is.

    Sometimes I think it would be nice to know exactly what the future will bring, but that isn’t possible or even desirable. I think the setbacks and sorrows make us better in the long run and appreciate the joys, even if it doesn’t seem like that at the time. I hope 2008 is a good one for you.

    The dog pics are so cute.

  4. After reading your post, I feel the power! Sounds like I’m a blogging/knitting dominatrix when actually I’m a sweet natured little old lady. Really. 🙂

    But if it gets us cute Maggie pictures like these, I’ll keep issuing demands.

    Hard to say which picture gave me the biggest smile. Thanks.

  5. That photo of your hubby and Maggie made me laugh out loud! What is it about Corgis sleeping upside down? That’s Lewey’s favorite position too!

  6. Hey! Isn’t that Isobel’s favourite laundry basket? :p Kids and puppies aren’t that different really. 🙂


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