Tacoma Travelogue

No knitting content, but lots of lovely pictures from Tacoma.  On Saturday the morning was spent in class – an excellent lecture on memory.  I forget the details (ha!).  Seriously, it was very interesting and we all got a good laugh when the professor told us he would email us our final assignment because he forgot to bring the hand-outs with him!  The Marriott Courtyard provided us a delicious lunch and then we spent the afternoon at the Museum of Glass and the History Museum.  First of all, we walked by Union Station, which unfortunately was closed:


After Union Station, you hang a left and walk across the skybridge.  As you look up, you develop a whole new definition for the glass ceiling:


In a true feast for the eyes, these Dale Chihuly
creations line the bridge:



This is only a small sampling!  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos inside the museum, but we were able to photograph the great glass artist Lino Taglipietra at work in the hot shop:


Be sure to follow the link for a look at his amazing creations.  The hot shop

hosts visiting artists from all over the world.

And just in case you think you might want to stick a Chihuly creation in your shopping basket:



Think again:


8 thoughts on “Tacoma Travelogue

  1. $60,000 you say? Hmm… I might find some change under the cushion. :p They sure are beautiful. Glad you had a fun weekend. đŸ™‚

  2. I’ve seen these before (in pics) and they are breathtaking! I imagine that giant orange thingy must be quite spendy too!

  3. I loved Marguerite’s reply! LOL I have always wanted to see that glass museum but haven’t gotten there. My best friend lives in Lakewood near Tacoma and we always get busy doing something else when we are there. I don’t personally like some of that stuff for me, but it is incredible to see the artistry involved.

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