And She’s Clumsy Too!

I discovered yesterday that in addition to being dull, I’m also clumsy!  I was outside beginning Maggie’s formal obedience training.  In teaching her to "heel" I’m to "stride confidently."  Well, I strode confidently right into the edging at the side of the lawn and ended up with an up close personal confrontation with the grass.  I have scrapes and bruises on my leg, but my shoulder took the brunt of the fall.  I don’t appear to have broken anything, but I definitely did some damage.  It’s a good thing I don’t have anything physically challenging coming up in the next few weeks.  I’m going to be taking it easy so I have the strength to haul my luggage around the airport!

After I went inside nursing my dignity and my bruises, I decided a little light duty was in order.  A friend had asked me to make a label for a baby quilt she is making:


Sorry for the fuzzy photo.  I hope she likes it.  The quilt actually has more hot pink and lime greens in it, but those were the hottest pinks I have in my limited thread collection.  I was also able to spend some time playing with the lessons for my digitizing software.  There is so much the program can do, but I just haven’t had time to play with it. 

This week was spring break at school.  I still turned in an assignment, so I’m a week ahead.  I’ll continue to do that until I leave for Orlando, so while I’m there I should be able to relax.  In addition, I’ll spend the next week and a half reading for my other class.  That will take place on the 26th.  I have an 8-page paper to write after the class and I hope I can get that done before I leave as well.

I have had some knitting progress as well.  I finished the back of Torgeir, Bill’s Lavold sweater, and have started on the front.  No pictures because I hurt too much to get up out of my recliner and go take one.  Instead I will leave you with two of the cutest granddaughters ever:


8 thoughts on “And She’s Clumsy Too!

  1. Glad you’re not seriously hurt – or at least you think you’re not seriously hurt. Falling down is scary.

    Was Maggie impressed with her lesson?

    Sunny was so stubborn about heeling. She’s part terrier and has a noticable attitude about doing certain things. She knows how, she just WON’T.

    Finally Gail slipped a litte chock chain around her neck and after a couple of jerks Sunny realized she did know how to heel and it was fun. She never needed the choke again and now heeling is one of her favorite parts of obedience. She sticks her tail straight up and prances around like she’s the queen.

    The quilt square is beautiful.

  2. Hope the bruises fade quickly.Why does it seem to take longer the older we get? I’ve been nursing a pulled muscle for weeks.

  3. Yikes! D – you need to be careful, you could hurt your knitting muscles! Feel better soon, hunny!

    Those are some cute grandbabies!

  4. Too bad about the fall. Sometimes soaking seems to help. It is cruel that there are bruises and aches in addition to the indignities of the fall itself. I turned my ankle on a walk just before Thanksgiving, and it still twinges a bit if I really twist my foot. I didn’t see the edge of the sidewalk because it was covered with leaves.

    That embroidery is just gorgeous–what a perfect finish to a quilt.

  5. That photo gives new meaning to “Tubby Time”! :o) They are so cute! The embroidery is beautiful! I’m sure your friend will love it.

  6. Now there are two buckets full of cuteness. Embroidery is just beautiful, Dorothy.It amazes me that you can do that with a machine! Sorry for your fall…ouch.

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