Long Week

How can a week in which you only work three days seem so long?  I went back to work on Wednesday, and although the days were very busy, the week just seemed to drag!  Plus all of us felt really disoriented.  It’s bad enough coming back after 2 weeks on vacation, but coming back midweek is really confusing.  However, the end of the week brought some excitement.  Hubby’s brother is a professor at Washington State University.  He, his wife and daughters came over to visit and stayed with us.  They made a quick stop at the University to pick up this for me:


It’s starting to feel real!!  Graduation is May 3rd, which incidentally is Isobel’s third birthday. 

Since I now have all this free time, I did get a bit of knitting done.   However, I’m going to keep you in suspense.  I started this project and by the time I got around to thinking about posting about it, it’s impossible to get a good picture.  So I may just wait until it’s done and keep you all guessing.  Those of you on Ravelry can bop on over and get a clue; the rest of you will just have to stay tuned.  By the way, my sister-in-law, who is a new knitter, is on Ravelry.  Her id is "waitingtoknit".  I’d love it if you’d go on over and "friend" her.  She’d get a kick out of it (and wonder – who are all these people?). 

While we were sitting around waiting for them to arrive Friday night, we peeped out our front window and were greeted with this:


Yes, that is indeed snow.  In late April.  It’s kind of an odd juxtaposition next to our flowering cherry trees.  We ended up getting about two inches, which thankfully is now gone.

With so much studying to do, my quilting time has suffered over the past years.  So, I promised myself that when I was done with school, I would start a new quilt in celebration.  While the family was out visiting other family members, that’s exactly what I did.  Here’s what I have done so far:


I had originally planned on another design, but decided I wanted to utilize my embroidery machine, so switched gears.  I am loving this pattern.  I deliberately tried to go outside my usual color palette of pastels and blues.  All of these earthy colors are a real stretch for me.  They’re a real stretch for my fabric stash too.  Many of these pieces have been contributed by my friends, but I still need to go looking for some more brick reds.  I used up almost all I have on just these blocks.

Off to knit on my stealth project and watch "Law and Order" with hubby.  At last we have some new ones!  We’re addicts and are not above watching reruns, but it’s nice to have new material.  Sometimes we’ll just watch the reruns until we remember "who done it."  I know, our lives are exciting beyond belief!

6 thoughts on “Long Week

  1. I can check my stash of sewing fabric (9 Rubbermaid tubs!) and see what I’ve got in cotton in the red family. I’ll send an email with descriptions (probably next weekend), and if anything seems appealing I can photograph. If you like what I have, I’ll send it. I love that quilt and the colors. I’m an “earth tones” kind of gal. I’m thinking of putting some of my sewing fabric up on eBay–and there are many pieces that really don’t have enough yardage for clothing.

  2. he he… i’m a Law and Order addict too! Hubby thinks I’m crazy, but I’ve been hooked since the afternoon re-run marathons i was watching in college while coloring my film (don’t ask…). remember how we met when we were both students? i’m so excited for your graduation and so proud of you. you made it! : )

  3. So nice to know there are other Law and Order junkies out there. We watch them all, and will watch reruns whenever we can. The quilt is lovely. Such a nice way to commemorate a wonderful occasion.

  4. Oooooow! You’re going to look so educated in that robe. Be sure and post some pictures for your faithful readers.

    That quilt is gorgeous and I’m going to ignore the snow picture. I do not want to see or think about snow on this beautiful spring day.

  5. Congratulations, Dorothy! I am so happy for you! What an accomplishment! I love the colours in the quilt. Take care. Your grand-daughters are beautiful. One day I will send you a photo of my baby (when I figure out how to upload them).

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