It’s Official!

It’s official!  Ok, not technically – the Board of Regents still has to review my transcript and grant me my diploma, but it feels official to me.  Settle down because this is a picture intensive post.

We headed off to Pullman bright and early Friday morning.  It’s a long haul across Snoqualmie Pass, but the weather shined on us.  That’s usually a given at this time of year, but just a week ago there was snow in the passes!  We arrived at our beautiful B&B in Uniontown without incident:


That’s Mom and Dad.  The Inn used to be the parish house for the Catholic church next door.  We toured the church, which for its size rivals many of the cathedrals we saw in England:


That evening we went over to the University for a reception for the graduates in my program.  There we experienced what I think for my parents was the highlight of the weekend!  Washington State University has a new president – Dr. Elson Floyd.  It just so happens that he came to us from the University of Missouri and my parents have a mutual friend with him.  My brother-in-law, a professor of Landscape Architecture at the University just happened to be working on a project next door to the reception and the President stopped by to chat.  Phil mentioned the mutual friend and President Floyd actually sought us out to say hello to my parents!  They were thrilled and a lowly graduate got to have a photo opp with the President!!


After a lovely breakfast the next morning, my friend Jan picked me up and we went into Pullman for the requisite photo at Cougar Plaza:


I can’t say enough thanks to Jan and her daughter Krissie for dealing with a nervous, stressed out graduate!  They kept me sane and put up with my slightly freaked out behavior!  They delivered me safely to the line-up area, where I found my section.  The graduates in my program were the last ones to enter the stadium and we had a great bird’s eye view of the proceedings:


It took about an hour to read off all the names and I was 14th from the end!  After waiting so long, it seemed to go by in a blur!  All I could think of was, "Please God, don’t let me trip or embarrass myself!"  You’ll be happy to know that I did neither. 

Afterward it was all over but the smiling:


That’s my brother-in-law Phil, his wife Debbie (a new knitter) and my nieces Abbie and Carrie.


The Proud Hubby (who incidentally got a Certificate of Achievement at the reception the night before for all of his support).


And last, but not least, the patient babysitters – Jan and her daughter Krissie.  I would not have been there without Jan, who encouraged me from the first and was my greatest cheerleader.  Also with us was my sister, Claudia, who somehow managed to evade all photo opportunities! 

The drive home was long, but we arrived home safely.  Today will be spent just relaxing and visiting with my parents, who will be here until Wednesday.  I’ve taken a few days off to recuperate.  The one thing I will NOT be doing?  Studying!!!!

22 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. Yay for you, Dorothy!

    When do you start your masters program? (me – ducking, and hiding).

  2. Yay for you, Dorothy!

    When do you start your masters program? (me – ducking, and hiding).

  3. What a wonderful weekend for you. Congratulations again. It’s so nice that your family was there to support you and help celebrate.

    My eyes about bugged out of my head when I saw you with Elson Floyd, a very familiar face to those of us living in the Kalamazoo area. Dr. Floyd was a much loved president of my alma mater, Western Michigan Univerity, from 1998 to 2003. I had no idea he’d moved on to Washington.

  4. Congratulations on your graduation!!!! For the time and effort, you have received a degree that I would have held up proudly just as you are in the picture. Kudos to your husband and all those who supported you. It makes all the difference in the world when you know that people who care are behind you 100%.

  5. Congratulations Dorothy! I can only imagine the dedication it took to reach this goal and summa as well!

  6. What an accomplishment! Best wishes and know your celebration with friends and family was joyous. Education’s empowerment is felt in every aspect of your life, and in ways we can’t imagine.

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