Another Busy Week

Once again it's been a bit of a hectic week here at Missouri Star.  Work was pretty intense this week with one 10 hour day with no lunch break!  Fortunately I'm looking at two four day weekends coming up in the next two weeks.  I'm looking forward to some down time puttering around in my sewing room.

First up – a blogger meet up!  I was so pleased that Theresa of TJ Knits and her charming husband Tim stopped by on their way back from a second honeymoon trip to the Olympic Peninsula.  Check out her blog – she takes the most incredible photos!  I'm happy to report that she is just as beautiful in person as she is on her blog.  I was so thrilled to meet her!


In between work and other responsibilities, I was able to play around a bit with my new quilt hoop:


Sitting and quilting with this brought back to me how much I LOVE hand quilting and how much I've missed it while I was in school.  It was always easier to just pick up and put down knitting when I only had a few minutes.  Yesterday was our local quilt guild show.  It's held at Greenbank Farm on the south end of the island.  It's really a beautiful venue, but as at our last show two years ago, the wind seemed to be a problem and we were fighting to keep quilts from blowing away!  My only entry was a duplicate that I made of Ivy's baby quilt:


During the busy week we did take a few moments to wish Happy Birthday to our sweet girl – she turned one year old on Wednesday:


Fear not that knitting has totally been abandoned!  I've been working on what I hoped would be a quick baby gift, but I'm having my doubts.  Hubby's niece had a little girl after two boys and I thought she needed something girly:


I'm a little uncomfortable about the body – it looks too short.  Advice is needed on this!  What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Another Busy Week

  1. 4 day weekends rock! We should have them here too! If the body of the cardi is too short, it will be the style of the moment – a cropped cardi 🙂

  2. It’s fun getting together with other bloggers. She does have incredible photos. And your pup picture is very cute. Such personality.

  3. I love looking at your quilts–why haven’t you said anything about that beautiful vest you have on?

    I have knitted relatively few baby things, and I’m hopeless on the sizes. I usually cop out and follow a pattern exactly or order a Morehouse Farms kit for special gifts (the baby things are so soft).

  4. Sofee sends birthday barks to Maggie! One year old already! WOW!!!

    Your quilt is gorgeous. I used to hand quilt also. Loved it, both the process and the finished product. Someday I may get back into that.

    As for the baby sweater, I refrain from giving guidance. Most of the things I knit for BG were wasted….wrong size for the season. But still fun to knit I guess. I am being more careful now…. Long or short, it is a very pretty and “girly” sweater!

  5. You beat me posting the photo! :o) I had so much fun visiting you and so did Hubby. I haven’t had a chance to write as it has been so hectic. You know I was exhausted when we finally got there because I didn’t take a single picture! lol But I told Hubby that I was NOT going to let anything, even that leaking tire (that had to be replaced the next day), stop me from visiting you since there were so many obstacles and emails back and forth trying to plan it in the first place. I wish it had been different/better timing.

    Happy Birthday Maggie!

    Nice picture of you at the quilt show and I LOVED seeing all your “stuff”. :o)

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