Safe and Sound in Orlando

We made it safe and sound to Orlando, but not without a bit of travel drama.  We were scheduled to connect through Houston on Friday, but the airport was closed because of Hurricane Ike.  A quick scrambling and a hour on hold snagged us tickets through Newark, New Jersey.  The catch was that we arrived in Newark at 12:00 midnight and could not get a flight out until 7:00 the next morning.  So, we spent a long night in the airport.  It was safe and clean, but not high on amenities for the sleep deprived.  Why do they insist on fixed arm rests – preventing you from stretching out?  Bill's novel idea was to sleep on top of the chairs:


It was less than successful.  My solution was to just lay down on the floor.  Thankfully no pictures, but I did manage to snag a couple of hours of restless sleep, broken every 15 minutes by the admonition to not leave my luggage unattended or it might be destroyed.  Just in case you are curious, this is what Newark, New Jersey looks like at 4:00 a.m.:


We just kept focusing on what awaited us on the other end and it proved to be entirely worth it!  One of my first conversations with Isobel – "I love you Isobel!"  "I love you too, Nana!"  Yeah, entirely worth it!


Izzy has changed so much.  She's now speaking in complete sentences.  She remains completely besotted by her Ye-Ye (Mandarin for grandpa).  When he's around, the rest of us might as well be chopped liver.  Except when she's hurt or sad, then she prefers Nana.  We thought Ivy might be a little stand-offish, but she warmed to us right away.  She's much more outgoing than Izzy was at that age.  She'll go to us just as readily as to her Mom or Dad.  She's a happy, cheerful little girl with a winning personality.

Not much time this week to knit or blog, but do I mind?


You've got to be kidding!

8 thoughts on “Safe and Sound in Orlando

  1. I can see the beautiful joy in your faces! I’m so glad you made it in spite of the adventure. I had prayed and kept checking back, so I appreciate that you made some time to post on your blog. Hopefully your trip back will have less adventure and less painful sleeping experiences! :o) The girls are beautiful!

  2. Oh My! That first photo gave me a scare! What a precarious perch!!!

    The girls are growing so fast (I sometimes wish life had a “pause” button) …and are just as cute as can be! Gorgeous, actually.

    The last photo of you all four is just priceless. Enjoy!!

  3. A few hours of uncomfortable airport sleeping must be equal to eight hours of comfortable bed sleeping, ’cause you sure look awake and happy in that last picture.

    The girls are beautiful. And they look so happy to have Nana and Ye-ye visiting. Enjoy.

  4. So glad you could make it – even with the layover. What gorgeous granddaughters! I’ve been so busy at work – this was a great mini-break!

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