I had a birthday this week!  I absolutely refuse to reveal my age, but hubby made me a darling little cake:


To celebrate my birthday, I had a meeting with my boss and told him that this would be my last year with the practice.  I plan to retire no later than my birthday next year.  I have to admit he took it well – there was a minimum of whining and moaning.  I now have 362 days, 8 hours, 49 minutes and 6 (no, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) seconds until retirement.   But who's counting?  The one thing that could change retirement would be if a social worker position came open with Headstart.  The job is tailor made for my degree and I wouldn't mind having a chance to put it to use for a year or two.

In between the celebrations I've been finishing up Christmas gifts.  The little red sweater and hat are finished:


Keiara is going for her first picture with Santa this weekend, so I gave the set to her mother so she would have something special to wear.  Lisa was thrilled and promised me a picture.  With her permission I'll post it here so you can all see how cute she is.

I also finished a little present for Ivy – a Yo-Yo Bunny:


The yo-yo's were great fun to make.  The rest of it – not so much.   I tried to get all the bloodstains off the head.  I lost count of how many times I stuck myself.  Now I can get their box off in the mail early next week. 

This year we decided to do something different with our tree.  We've always had a big one – or at least as big as we could handle in our sunroom.  I did bow to the necessity for an artifical one several years ago at the urging of my fire inspector hubby.  This year he suggested a live tree.  We bought a beautiful little blue spruce that will hopefully serve as our Christmas tree for several years to come:


Rather than pull out the huge box of ornaments we've collected over the years, we used a box of miniature ornaments that I've collected, but that always seemed to get lost on the big tree.  I did pull out some especially sentimental favorites, such as the little plastic stained glass angels that my sister sent us on our very first Christmas.  They're been on our tree for 37 years now!  Over the years I bought a new ornament for each of the boys every year.  I decided to retire those this year and instead have started the new tradition for the granddaughters.  I had already bought them ornaments for the past years, and added a new one for each of them for this year.  When they establish their own household, they'll have a box of ornaments to put on their first tree.  I still think the tree needs something – a touch of red perhaps.  So I'll check in town today to see if I can find some miniature apples or bows.

A blogging friend of mine, Theresa, has started a digital scrapbooking blog.  If you get a chance, pop on over to Forget Me Nots Designs and give her a big ole cyber hug!  She is an incredibly talented and inspirational lady.

9 thoughts on “Countdown!

  1. Happy birthday, Dorothy! And add my congrats to the others on your impending retirement. We are the same age, so I know how it feels to look forward to retirement, yet believe there are so many good, productive years left. It would be wonderful if you could use your degree for a few years, too.

  2. Happy Birthday a little late but with lots of good wishes anyway. How wonderful to look forward to the next phase of your life while you’re still so young.

    Such cute things you’re making. Hope we get to see that red set modeled. It looks darling.

  3. Happy Birthday (the cake looks yummy).

    I think you’d enjoy using the degree you worked so hard to achieve, and I hope you get the Head Start job.

    All the projects and the tree look great. The yo-yo bunny is adorable.

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