From Soup to Nupps

One of the things I learned last weekend was that "nupp" rhymes with "soup".  Who knew?  The workshop with Nancy Bush was everything I hoped it would be and more.  One of the things with fascinating classes, however, is that photography is rarely on your mind and the camera is only whipped out for the sake of blogdom and then quickly put away so you can get back to business!

Nancy had tons of beautiful shawls to show, but this is the only photo I have of her showing them:


In my defense, I was sitting off to the side and couldn't get full on shots.  For better photos, just pick up a copy of her book, Knitted Lace of Estonia – if you can find one!  She had all of the shawls and scarves from the book and more!  I did manage to get the obligatory name-dropping shot:


I was still feeling pretty puny, but am fairly confident that I was no longer contagious.  I literally bathed in hand sanitizer the whole time and tried not to touch anything.  I don't think there was a person there, though, that faulted me for going. 

Our project on the second day was a sampler.  I managed to get a fairly decent amount done:


Nancy's advice on nupps was priceless and I have to say that I feel much more confident about them now.  So much so, that I started Queen Silvia from the book – with over 1,000 of the little critters:


The yarn is Skacel Lace Merino, the needles Knitpicks Harmony, size 3.  I discovered that wooden needles are almost a must for conquering nupps!  Looking at the two photos, it occurs to me that lace knitting is an enormous act of faith.  Until it is done and blocked, it looks like complete crap.  However, once blocked it is almost ethereal.  Maybe that's why I like it so much – the transformation!

I started a new pair of socks.  The yarn is Knitpicks Essential Black Tweed.  I don't have a pair of black hand knit socks and really need (want?) them as I wear black a lot.  I must have started at least four different patterns before finally settling on a simple 6×1 rib.  Between the softeness of the yarn and the black (and old eyes), everything else just proved too fiddly.  Maggie approves of the yarn so much, she tried to steal it:


I did finally cave in and visited the doctor this week.  He said I have viral bronchitis.  Nothing for it but to just let it run its course with some super duper cough syrup to get me through the nights.  He said he's seeing a lot of it this winter.  The congestion phase only lasts a week, but the cough can go on for 2-3 weeks.  Yeah, just what I wanted to hear. 

Off to Seattle again this weekend.  My sister's birthday present to me was tickets to the opera – the Pearl Fishers.  Fortunately it's a matinee and mid afternoon seems to be my best time coughing-wise.  I'm pretty sure I'll be able to manage without disturbing anyone. 

Next week I promise photos of the girls in their new sweaters.  It looks as if they really needed them this week.  It was actually colder in Orlando than it was there.  But I bet they actually saw the sun.  We got a brief glimpse yesterday – maybe for an hour?  Other than that, I think it's been since Christmas Eve that it's been out for any length of time.  However, I am NOT complaining.  50 degrees and cloudy is downright balmy when you think of what the Midwest and New England states are going through.  Hang in guys and keep warm!

17 thoughts on “From Soup to Nupps

  1. 50 Degrees!!! We were 22 below this morning and I think we got up to 2 above. The vehicle would not start, hopefully tomorrow when it’s going to be 5 it will.

    Maggie is so adorable and I have one who steals yarn too but only silk. Taffy is such a Diva!

  2. Rhymes with soup? Yes, who knew?

    Looks like your class was cozy and inspiring. 1,000 nupps? Now that’s an ambitious project. I always admire the things you are willing to knit. It will be beautiful.

    Glad you were well enough to go and enjoy and that the weather cooperated. Wishing you the same for this weekends opera.

  3. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have a copy of Nancy Bush’s new book until I read the thread on Ravelry today–and I’m committed to sweaters until December. If I study everyone else’s blogs and Ravelry posts, I should learn quickly.

    How great it must have been to have Nancy work with you on the nupps. There is a Knitting Daily video of it, which does help a lot, but I’m sure seeing her demonstrate in the flesh would be wonderful.

    We finally got our cold blast of winter yesterday, and it will persist. Still, we’re above zero, which is better than most places–50 degrees sounds like “summer”.

  4. Noops, who would have guessed? 🙂

    I would have gone too, even if I had to wear a haz-mat suit!

    Feel better soon hunny!

    Love the Maggie shot, I want to squeeze her big paws so much!

  5. Okay, I should be from Missouri…show me why nupp rhymes with soup! LOL Did she say why? Naturally in most European languages, they use that longer U sound, but isn’t it also an American word? I’m not arguing, just genuine curiousity and I’m kind of a geek about word etymology. I’ve been waiting to see this post and thought about you all weekend. My other question was why wooden needles for doing nupps? I don’t have the book yet (will be a tax return gift! lol). When I do the nupps on the Swallowtail, I’m always using my Addi turbo lace needles, which have a smoother cable transition, good point and their metal is not as slick as the options. I have been wanting to do a Lily of the Valley stole that’s why I’m asking all these questions. It’s all the nupps that have stopped me so far.

    It’s probably too late for you to see this before your trip but Fisherman’s Friend cough drops taste horrible but do really help stop coughing. (From one who has suffered bronchitis more times than I care to remember!) I use Riccola now but if it is really bad and I have to be somewhere where I can’t cough, Fisherman’s Friend is what I take with me. Have FUN!

  6. Nancy Bush is definitely an inspiring teacher if she’s gotten you launched on a 1000+ nupp shawl! (Nup, noop – they’re both fun to say!) Even in its unblocked state the sampler is lovely.
    Glad you checked in with the doctor and that the worst of your illness is over.
    -10 degrees this a.m. in my neck of the woods!

  7. Wow – after reading this, I’m so glad you talked me out of doing the Lily of the Valley shawl. My first lace shawl is actually going to be from Kay Meadors’ I Can’t Believe I’m Lace Knitting. A very basic triangular shawl. I bought Knit Pick’s Shimmer in two different colorways – one for this shawl and one for the flower basket shawl you recommended. This spring looks very busy – I hope I get the hang of this. Kari’s Celtic Cable Scarf has been difficult – 8 inches to go. I hope to finish this weekend (which is what I said last weekend LOL). Our temperatures are warm enough – but now we have an inversion and the fog is horrible. Everyone is healthy – take care and I hope you feel better. Deb

  8. I remember hearing before that nupp wasn’t pronounced like you would expect, but couldn’t remember how it WAS pronounced! Your “soup to nupps” will be the perfect mnemonic for me!
    I loved knitting Swallowtail, even with all the nupps. I’m looking to buy the Estonia book and give Queen Silvia a shot, too.
    Totally envying you for that workshop. Lucky lucky you!
    I think I’m on my second round of bronchitis this winter – I was just starting to feel better and shake that interminable cough, when it struck again! *sigh*

  9. The girls put their new sweaters to good use this week. It has been cold and gloomy all week.

    Hope you’re feeling better now. 🙂

  10. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Dorothy! It would have been awfully hard to stay home with such a wonderful class going on. 🙂 Fortunately, my cold held off until this week.

  11. Well, I’ve always said nupp rhyming with up – thanks for the correction on that! AND I’m so jealous – she is my knitting guru! Your Queen Silvia is going to be gorgeous!
    I just ripped Irtfa’a and started a shawl from Victorian Lace Today with the same yarn – loving it!

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