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The other day Marguerite and I were discussing how sometimes we feel pressured to gear our knitting to our blogs.  Sometimes the knitting we are doing seems a little boring and heaven forbid we should bore our readers (all four of you!).  However, we decided that our knitting is our knitting and I, for one, blog as much for me and my family as for knitters.  So I'm afraid that you may have to move on for more exciting knitting content.  I might suggest either Theresa or Marjorie who have committed to NaKniSweMoDo, which means knitting a sweater (adult sized!) a month this year.  It makes my fingers hurt just to contemplate that. 

Part of the problem is that I have been busy knitting, but a finished baby afghan looks about the same as it did halfway through – only longer:


And lace pretty much looks like a tangled mess until you get to the end and you block it.  In fact, the further along you get, the worse it looks:


And I know you get tired of hearing about the weather – after all, we've had it pretty easy this winter compared to the rest of the country.  However, we did have hail this afternoon:


Yes, that's all hail, not snow!

I do have a scrapbook page to show.  I'll probably be showing more – my fingers have been aching a lot and I don't know if I've been overdoing it, so I'm going to be taking it slow on the knitting front.  I'm particularly proud of this page.  The background is an actual photo of our hands.  My first draft of the page was pretty awful because I used the original color photo.  Over the years it had developed a very red color cast and all my efforts at editing it in Photoshop Elements were unsuccessful.  I finally decided to change it to black and white and add a filter.  This is the result and I am very happy:

Lean on Me_2 

Those of you of a certain age might recognize the song as "Lean on Me", sung by Bill Withers.  It is "our song".  I had made it a goal to try and do one page a week this year.  My little brush with bronchitis kind of put me behind, but I'm ready to catch up.  I know this has been mainly a knitting blog, but I hope you don't mind viewing some of my pages in the months to come.  Please feel free to chime in!

15 thoughts on “Boring Blog – Move On!

  1. I didn’t notice the background of the scrapbook page until you mentioned it. I like it. 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of them.


  2. Hey, I don’t just come here for the fancy knitting, but you have plenty of fancy knitting to show over the course of time! I have a shawl in that exact stage, it looks like a mess.
    The wedding photo is very sweet!

  3. I love looking at your scrapbook pages! You’ve done such a lovely job with this one in particular. I love that you used the photo as the background.
    Will you print them for an album or keep them on the computer?

  4. Dorothy, I love your blog – whether it is Carmen, school, knitting, quilting, scrapbooking, weather – you’re such a “fun” person with many interests and I love your sharing!

  5. Nothing boring about your blog at all, Dorothy. I told the same thing to Marguerite. I love your scrapbook page. I can relate to 1972 all too well. And, well, I do love the doggie pics, too. It’s your blog, do as you want. It’s always interesting.

  6. Nothing boring about your blog at all, Dorothy. I love to see your scrapbook pages. Boy, do I remember 1972! Between your knitting, scrap booking and quilting, it’s always a treat. It’s your blog so you should do as you want. I told the same thing to Marguerite.

  7. Well that much hail couldn’t have been boring! Did you wince as it was coming down, thinking of the damage it might be doing?

    Like you, I’ve decided just to post what’s really happening and let the bored readers go somewhere else. Only they don’t. Often I get the most comments on what I consider the most dull posts.

    The wedding page is beautiful. What a great way to use your artistic talent for something meaningful and lasting. I’m looking forward to seeing more pages.

  8. I come to “visit” YOU… whether you have knitting or not. I have not read a single blog in more than a week, but had the impulse to come and look here today. I’m so glad that you posted the layout because it is BEAUTIFUL!! I think you need to post it at hint! hint!

  9. The scrapbook page is gorgeous! I only wish I could be so motivated! I come to visit ‘you’ and whatever you are doing. Linda and I were comparing our scarves at guild the other night. They were made from our Bellingham yarn! What fun we had! Veronik Avery was our guest speaker – she is coming out with her own yarn line – sport weight in 36 colours. Cool!

  10. I repeat the feelings of the others…(Hmmm seems like a lot for “4”)

    I really enjoy your blog, and never leave disappointed.

    The scrapbook page is gorgeous, and I certainly look forward to seeing more in the future.

    And then of course, I never tire of hearing about the pooches – Maggie is such a character!!

    So, for boring knitting they can all come to MY blog (in case you need to see more striped socks) but for all the interesting stuff (and you!) we can all come here!

  11. Well, thanks, but I’ve been busy on my second sleeve of Sweater #1 and I’ve been wracking my brains for something interesting to blog about. But the sleeves are now being blocked and so there is an FO on the horizon. That is good for one post.

    The scrapbook page is charming. Do show us more.

  12. I know just what you mean. I’ve been focusing on two sweaters, and the going makes unexciting copy. But life is not all knitting, and I enjoy hearing about other aspects of my blogging friends’ lives.

    The wedding page is romantic. Lean on Me is a great song, and now it will be in my head the rest of the day!

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