Last Blast

I was going to post about the first harbingers of spring.  In fact, the only reason I hadn't posted lately was because I kept forgetting my camera on my walks to take pictures of the budding trees and daffodils and tulips popping through the ground.  However, this morning we were greeted by this:


It is extremely unusual for us to get snow this late in the season.  Driving into work was really treacherous!  The roads were solid black ice.  But by this afternoon it was all gone off the roads and only a little left on the deck and lawn.  By tomorrow afternoon it will be all gone and I can hopefully get some pictures of spring in the making.

I've also put off posting because of lack of energy.  I'm still battling bronchitis.  I thought that last week I was getting better, but experienced a set back this week.  I've managed to get to work and back, but seem to have problems getting enthused about much of anything.  I have done some scrapbook pages.  This one chronicles a wonderful road trip we made back in 1985:


And some knitting has been accomplished as well.  I managed to put in a few repeats on a new baby afghan for charity:


Sorry I don't have the stats handy.  The information would be in the other room and that would entail actually getting up out of my chair and walking back there.  Too much trouble!

I've also made progress on the Hidcote shawl.  This part is really relaxing and you can even see a bit of the pattern developing:


Maggie continues to provide us with endless sources of amusement.  Lately she's taken to racing in after her morning constitutional to gaze adoringly into the fire:


And if you think that's cute, take a look at this:


Yes, Nana is already planning different layouts for a really cute scrapbook page!

14 thoughts on “Last Blast

  1. I didn’t realize spring comes so early in your neck of the woods, despite the late storm. It will be some time before buds and blooms show here.

    Sorry that the bronchitis has been so tenacious and hope that you return to full health soon.

    Thanks for a super dose of cuteness as I start my day!

  2. Cute picture of Maggie! Sorry the bronchitis is hanging on so long, that’s gotta suck. I also can’t believe you got yet another snow storm, how wierd for your corner of the world! We are still getting snow but that’s normal for us *g* today it’s supposed to rain, not normal at all!!!

  3. So sorry to hear you are still battling that bug. Hit us here, too. And the snow. We are about to start our wet months, so the moisture is welcome. Your scrapbook pages continue to amaze me. Hmmmm, another backup plan if I can’t knit. Quilting and scrapbooking. Oh, DH will be thrilled.

  4. The pictures of both little ones are adorable 🙂 My girls (9 and 6) still like having tea parties.

    Here’s to warm weather and getting rid of nasty bronchitis.

    Hidcote is beautiful. Mine is still one of my favorite shawls.

  5. Dorothy I have a cure for you. Come home to Mama and a trip down to the cafe for catfish. That will do wonders.We are supposed to get you snow tomorrow and than it gets real warm next week. We are trying to get all our work done so we can be lazy while you and Claudia are home. Dad of course is usually (I cant wait till the girls get here mood.) See You soon. Mama

  6. Ivy is so grown up! Right? That is baby Ivy?

    Your snow picture looks very familiar to me. I think my dogs need a fireplace to gaze into when they come in from a freezing romp.

  7. Your scrapbook pages are wonderful.

    We had about five minutes of heavy snow yesterday, but nothing stuck (it was too warm). This has been the most bizarre winter, but the glimmers of warm days do make it feel as if spring will come soon. This weekend, I’m ordering my vegetable seeds.

    I hope the change in weather puts your bronchitis on the run.

  8. Ahhhhhh… adorable! Well, all but that snow….we have our own fresh snowfall today, but unfortunately, it is probably not our last. March usually has at least one whopper of a storm, then spring can come.

  9. I was surprised to see how much snow was still on the ground in B’Ham this weekend and today it’s supposed to get up to nearly 60!

    I love that baby afghan. My neice had a little girl yesterday and it puts me in the moood for pink knitting.

  10. I am just so ready for springs. I’ve seen some welcome leaf buds on trees this week.
    That photo of Maggie made me laugh, and I LOVE the photo of you and the giant turtle.

  11. Oh, what fun you have! The little tea party is priceless! My little tea party girl is now graduating from high school and awaiting college admission decisions. And none of our older children have chose reproduction as a life activity! Rats!
    I love spring snow falls. Here in Wisconsin we just had a clone storm to the one you blogged about. But out temperatures are falling, falling, falling down to 7 degrees. We haven’t packed away the down coats and mittens yet.

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