Happy Chaos

Time for blogging has definitely been in short supply lately.  Chaos reigns at our house, but it is a happy chaos.  Adding two adults, a four-year-old, a two-year-old and two more dogs to the household has definitely thrown routine out the window.  Fortunately the weather has been beautiful and we have all spent a lot of time outside.  The girls (and dogs) love the backyard:


We've been quite pleased that the dogs have gotten along so well.  Both Maggie and Pistage (their Lhasa Apso) are a little on the strong-willed side.  But once they got it sorted out (Maggie is the top dog, but defers toys to Pistage), all was well.  There has been a lot of general gaiety and laughter:


Some quiet, pensive moments:


And time for reading:


Yes, Daddy – another one!  When we got to the part where the Poky Little Puppy eats all the chocolate custard, Mei-Mei said, "His mommy needs to buy him some more!"  Later on, in the car she started reciting the book – by heart!!

There has been a general fascination with the doggie door:



And, lest one thinks it has been all fun and games, there has been some time out:


Mei-Mei has definite ideas about how the world should work and when it doesn't work her way, is not above letting her displeasure be known!

Isobel is much quieter and introspective.  It's easy not to give her her full share of attention because she is so quiet and undemanding.  She will sit for hours playing by herself, especially when it means holding a long-suffering dog captive:


Despite it all, Maggie absolutely adores both of the girls and collapses exhausted at the end of the day!

Today I had the girls on my own most of the day while Ben and Abby went house hunting.  They were absolute angels.  We played at home and then down at the beach park for a couple of hours.  We joined Grandpa and some friends for lunch and they were amazed at how polite and well-behaved the girls were.  They just went down for the night with no complaints at all – two very tired little girls.  Grandpa and Nana are currently collapsed themselves in their recliners!

I leave you with one very happy Nana:


10 thoughts on “Happy Chaos

  1. Somewhere in this house I have a video of my 26 year old reciting the Pokey Little Puppy at the same age. “Over the bridgerator…” she would say. Wonderful memory.

    I didn’t realize your chaos came with more dogs!

  2. Maggie looks like she’s trying to push the baby through the door!

    Glad ya’ll are having a fun time. I know having your family closer makes things easier on you.

  3. Mei Mei comes by her love of the Pokey Little Pokey honestly. This is the fourth generation. I hope it is still around for the fifth, although I certainly won’t be. Also unfortunately, I can no longer recite the book from memory. But it does a man’s heart good to see the traditions being passsed on.

  4. A totally beautiful blog post. I was wondering when we would ever hear from you again. Glad everything is going well.

    I forgot about the dogs! Is Kirby OK with everything?

  5. It sounds like you are in seventh heaven, despite the chaos! Those pictures of the doggie door crack me up.

    And don’t ALL Corgis think they are top dog? Riley is definitely the alpha in the house, but that doesn’t stop Lewey from trying to move up in rank now and then.

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