The Light at the End

Two lights are emerging at the end of the tunnel and neither one appears to be an oncoming train!  Ben and Abby are moving into their house today.  Yesterday Abby and hubby (mine, not hers!) went down and cleaned the new house to a fare-thee-well.  Ben stayed here with me and helped with the girls and attempted to get things on this end organized.  This morning they loaded a 17-ft. U-Haul and they were off.  We will keep the girls for the night and deliver them down tomorrow.  We almost hit a major snag when we realized that they had taken off with both keys to their car with the car seats that we were going to use to take the girls home tomorrow!  Thankfully, Ben's friend's parents are there and coming back here tonight, so they're bringing the keys.  Whew!! 

Of course, this means we get the girls for Halloween for the first time.  We really weren't going to do anything, but Grandpa couldn't resist some cute costumes he saw at Wal-Mart and came home with them.  He is such a softie!


Currently Mei-Mei is napping and Yeh-Yeh and Isobel are carving a Jack-o-Lantern.  Isobel is especially fascinated by the "pumpkin goo".


The other light is, of course, retirement, which looms ever closer.  Things at work have been especially difficult and I decided this week that I really needed an attitude adjustment.  There is so much that I cannot change so I need to really focus on anything positive so that I can leave in the best light possible.  The wife of the older doc, who was the first owner of the practice, asked me the other day if I would be coming back after I retire as a consultant.  I told her that I hadn't been asked and I would have to make a decision depending on the circumstances.  The only thing, is that so far, they haven't asked my opinion on much and when they have asked it, don't follow my suggestions.  It's hard to believe they would want me back after I leave, but I suppose it depends on how desparate they get.

I'm really looking forward to getting back to some more challenging knitting projects.  Everything has been in such turmoil for the past two months, I simply could not focus on anything even remotely intricate.  Plain old stockinette has done it.  I have, however, finished two Wonderful Wallabies:



And I also made a contribution to our Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes:


Yes, those are Hallowigs!

So, tomorrow, things get back to "normal", whatever that is.  I will, however, miss coming home to Mei-Mei running up to me, wanting a cuddle and saying, "I missed you Nana".  And, of course, sharing spaghetti ala Lady and the Tramp:


But all of that is only an hour and a half away!

6 thoughts on “The Light at the End

  1. You’re smart to leave on a good note, you just never know. But I wouldn’t be too quick to bail them out once you’re gone. They’ll miss you, even if it’s not made obvious now.
    And an hour and a half away is so much better than all the way across the country!

  2. Cute photos! The girls look wonderful in their Wonderful Wallabies.

    The ‘new regime’ seems sadly lacking in manners and respect. It takes a strong person to choose to keep a positive attitude until the end. When your well-deserved retirement arrives I’d say cut loose and don’t look back- they’re on their own.

  3. Great pictures. The girls look so happy with their loving Grandpa and Nana. How wonderful that you can all live so close together now.

    Keep a smile on your face at work. You’ll never regret it. But you know that. Maybe they refuse to appreciate your wisdom because they know you won’t be there much longer? Or maybe they are just foolish.

  4. If you end up as a “consultant”, you’re going to be doing a lot more work than you ever imagined–and I’m sure the compensation won’t be nearly enough to pay for your time and expertise. With your grandkids so close now, I think you’ll be a lot happier spending time with them. Just keeping them in sweaters may end up as a full-time job. Are you sure you’ll have time to knit for yourself?

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