Spinning Nirvana

Yesterday I went with a friend to a St.Distaff's Day spin-in.  There were probably about 150-200 spinners there and just about as many varieties of fiber.  It was complete sensory overload!  So much so, that although I took my camera, I didn't take  a single picture.  I was probably saved by the fact that most of the vendors were small and didn't take credit cards, so I had to stick to the cash I had on hand – probably a good idea in any situation.  But I did come home with some goodies:


Alpaca/silk and every bit as yummy as it looks.  This will definitely wait until my spinning skills improve a little.  I also bought a pretty little zebra wood wraps-per-inch measure:


I did get some very positive encouragement from fellow spinners who told me my first efforts were looking quite good.  Since coming home I plied my second skein.  This plying effort just about kicked my butt, with tangling and backspinning, but I learned a lot and by the last 1/4 of the skein was doing much, much better.  It is drying now and I'll post pictures later.

I also came home to some packages in the mail.  Ben & Abby gave me a gift certificate to Paradise Fibers. I was a little overwhelmed at all the choices on the website, but finally just dived in and made my choices.  They have terrific customer service.  I ordered on Thursday and the package arrived on Saturday, and that included a holiday in between!


The two fibers on the left are variegated Merino top, the pink is Louet Corriedale.  Thank you Ben & Abby!   I think I am all set for fiber for a good long time now and will probably save up my fiber money for the big spin-in that is here on Whidbey Island in April.  Well, except for some Romney that I may buy from my friend here who raises sheep.  How can you resist fiber from a sheep named Rainbow?

Lest you think knitting has totally taken a backseat, I have been knitting and blocking lace.  First off, the Creideamh Shawl is finished:


This is a big shawl – so big I can't get it all in the picture.  Stats:  Creideamh Shawl by Renee Leverington.  Yarn, Miss Babs Yearning in Sandstone, Knitpicks Harmony needles – size 4.

Also finished and blocked – Sue's Swallowtail Shawl:


Stats:  Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clarke, yarn – mystery lace yarn from my stash, needles Knitpicks Harmony, size 3.

And, a new pair of socks started with some beautiful teal Araucania Ranco:


And a Happy Anniversary to my parents who celebrated their 62nd (is that right Mom & Dad??) anniversary yesterday.  What a blessing it was to grow up with parents who showed me what a marriage should be.  I never saw them treat each other with anything but love, kindness and respect.  I'm sure they must have had their struggles like the rest of us, but after 62 years, theirs is still a love story.  Love you guys!!  Edited to add:  My Dad informs me it's 63 years!  I made the error of doing my math using 2009.  Yes, it is 2010 now – wow!

12 thoughts on “Spinning Nirvana

  1. Congratulations to your parents! That is a major accomplishment, and a great role model.
    You are going to town on finishing stuff. I love the shawls!
    That alpaca-silk stuff is divine. My only experience with spinning alpaca so far kicked my butt. I’ll try it again when I’m a little better at drafting. I’ve heard a rumor that my LYS is now carrying spinning fiber, so we’ll have to go check it out when you’re here.

  2. OMG, Dorothy! The shawl is just gorgeous!!! I still can’t believe it! Happy Anniversary to your parents. That’s quite an accomplishment. Sounds like retirement is going very well.

  3. Are you bored yet? Just joking.

    Everything looks great and it’s such fun to see you enjoying your transition into retirement.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  4. I had to break out the spinning wheel today for a bit of stress relief. It’s my therapy. I love the way the wheel sounds as it swishes round and round and the repetitive, monotonous sound of the pedals – my goodness there is nothing that works better to lift my mood.

    I have a beautiful black fleece that I need to give some attention to. Would you be interested in a bit – and learning how to wash/dry/card some wool?


  5. Speaking of Bloglines, it did not indicate any new posts for you for quite some time either…..

    But, I now see your Paradise Fiber colors. Nice! I am in need of a grey/charcoal. I may just have to call them for clarification. I don’t trust my monitor.

    Lovely knits too, btw!

  6. Congratulations on your parents’ anniversary. Where did you go for your St. Distaff Day event? It was huge! I haven’t gone in a long time. You are making me drool on my keyboard though. Corriedale is wonderful to spin. I have never used commercial Corriedale, so I don’t know what that you purchased is like, but I recommend it before your Merino. Some people are naturals at Merino but for others of us it takes a little practice. I learned on local PNW Romney too! 🙂 This is exciting and once I get over a little bit of a stressful bump here, I’m going to get my wheel out and start spinning again.

  7. Love your swallowtail and EC socks–beautiful!

    Send your corgi over to Krryssldzjlstan for training. I hear they have a small school for frog-herding dogs.

  8. That pretty fiber won’t last as long as you think – once you get rolling with the spinning, it’s hard to stop!
    Pretty knitting, too. You’ve got me wanting to knit another Swallowtail…

  9. Happy anniversary to your parents and hope you follow in their footsteps. C says we’d have to be 95 to reach that! I’ll trust his math.

    Those socks look like the stitch I did a little while back in the Hattie’s rose garden scarf.

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