Change of Plans

I'm learning a lesson about my spinning.  I'm not quite good enough at this point to be able to make too definite plans about what I am going to do with a yarn before it is spun.  Once again I've had to change plans for my silk/merino yarn.  I started the Beech Leaf Vest, got gauge and merrily knit away.  However, it quickly became apparent that my yarn was way too "rustic" for the delicate lace.  Hmmm – what to do?  I checked out my Elsebeth Lavold books and found a pretty vest – Ylva.  I didn't quite get gauge, but I did some calculations and figured if I made the smallest size, it would come out about right.  So far so good:


I am taking a chance on the size.  I keep reading that negative ease is flattering in shaped garments, so I am making this with 0 ease.  I really hope it fits!  I do find that I love knitting with my handspun, even if it is a little less smooth than commercial yarns.  I also started an attempt at spinning a 3-ply sock weight yarn and I think I'm coming close!


It's a little hard to see since the single is almost the same color as the dime.  I'm not sure if this was the best choice for my first attempt at a fingering 3-ply.  Don't get me wrong – the fiber is wonderful, a merino/tencel blend from BJS Fiber Creations:


But because of the color gradations, I can't split the pieces vertically to thin them down, so I'm having to draft across the full width of each piece.  It's challenging my skills, but I think I'm being at least semi-successful.  We'll see what happens when I ply it together.  However, this may have to wait since I am very, very slow at it.    I have to finish spinning up the yarn for my vest and then I have to leave my bobbins free for the big 3-day workshop I'm taking next week.  The topic is "Spinning Beyond the Basics" and is taught by Anne Field from New Zealand.  I signed up for this workshop in January, when I was still  a very, very new spinner.  There was a caution that this was not a beginning class, but my spinning group assured me I would be up to speed by the time it rolled around.  I think perhaps I am, but I'm still just a wee bit nervous!

I have plenty other projects to keep me busy, though.  The 6th clue just came out for Evenstar.  Here's a photo through clue 5:


As you can see, the straight ribs I wasn't sure about have morphed into some beautiful arches.  I also found beads for the edging.  The picture really doesn't do them justice – they are so pretty and irridescent.  I should finish clue 6 in a few nights of knitting and then a two week wait for the next clue.  That's what I don't like about these mystery knits.  I have a feeling that with 2900 beads to knit in, the edging will take several weeks and then it will be time to start thinking about a new lace project!  I'm debating about starting the Wedding Ring Shawl.  I've had the pattern and yarn for a while, but just haven't felt the courage to jump in.  Maybe the time is ripe.  But perhaps I should make myself work on Whistler first.  I've gotten a little bogged down in the three color rows.  They are an absolute bear, but I think I only have 5 more of them and if I just forced myself to do them, they would be over!

But I have other distractions to keep me busy.  


A Knit Picks order arrived in the mail!  I ordered 4 skeins of Cotlin to make shrugs for the girls, a book, a knit shaver, some needles and connectors and a funky little Norwegian yarn carrier that was on closeout.  I'm not sure it's going to work, but I thought I would give it a try.  I was a little disappointed to discover that I goofed and ordered 3 skeins of Cotlin instead of 4!  Now I have to order one more and pay shipping for a single skein.  Rats!

Busy week coming up – two birthday celebrations.  Hubby continues to march through his 60's and Isobel turns 5!  Ben & Abby have her signed up for kindergarten and she's is SO excited.  Where has the time gone??

5 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. Evenstar is looking so beautiful! We’re finishing up the spring semester here and I can’t wait. I’m having a hard time concentrating on my two classes. I would rather focus on the kids, or knit. Thank you so much for your help with Kari’s trip to Ireland. I wanted to do a special wedding afghan for Justin and Katrina, but no way will I get it done by August – so maybe it will be a first anniversary afghan!

  2. Happy birthday to Bill! Time does march on, doesn’t it?

    Your spinning is very impressive. I love the vest! I need to take more classes. Just that one class has made a difference in how I’m doing with consistency.

  3. That is a beautiful Lavold pattern, and one I’ve looked at often. I have never managed to get the recommended gauge in the two Lavold sweaters I’ve knitted, but both turned out fine basically doing what you are (knitting to the smaller size).

  4. Happy Birthday Bill! I LOVE Elsbeth Lavold. She’s a creative genious. I’ve never made anything of hers because she doesn’t come in my size, but I’ve drooled over her designs! LOL That shawl is stunning! I’ve been itching to start spinning and knitting again. You keep inspiring me! 🙂

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