Endless Edging and Clutter

I've started the edging on the Evenstar Shawl and it is taking forever!  I'm not a stranger to long shawl edgings, but the beads on this one are adding a whole new dimension – in more ways than one:


However, I do love the effect and think it will be well worth it.  At the rate I'm going it will probably take at least another month or so to finish.  Stay tuned!

It seems that since I retired, my life and sewing room have both become more and more cluttered.  Hubby warned me that I would be more busy than I ever thought possible, and he is right!  I seem to have found so many fun things to do, but am sadly coming to the conclusion that I just can't do them all.  So, I am going to be looking at my commitments and doing a little culling.  Culling also needs to be done in my sewing room:


Despite my best efforts, this seems to be more normal than not.  I'm slowly going through things and have recycled a ton of magazines, but still have more to go through.  I'm also going to go through my projects and get tough.  I'm thinking that if I don't love a project, it either needs to be frogged, trashed, or given away.  If I love it – it really needs to go into a queue to get finished.  I actually don't have that many knitting projects going (most of my UFO's are quilting), but two are going bye-bye.  The first is the Queen Silvia shawl:


I started this right after the Nancy Bush Estonian workshop, and as you can see, didn't get very far.  I really never did feel the love on this one, so it has already been frogged.

The next one is not so easy.  Whistler:


This one started out with great excitement and anticipation.  Until I got to the three color rows. Not only are they a bear, but I'm just not happy with how they are coming out.  I dread picking it up and working on it.  I have lots and lots of Dale books and I'm sure I can find something I like as well.  So, with a little sorrow, I think this is going to the frog pond too. 

I do have projects that I am excited about.  I joined the Fat Cats Mixed Blessings club and received my first shipment:


This is the first multi colored fiber I've bought and I'm excited to see how it comes out.  Looking at how others are spinning this, I've decided to make a 2-ply as close to fingering as I can get.  The reddish fiber has been split into 3 lengthwise strips and will be spun as is.  The purple will be broken up into random chunks, spun and then plied to the reddish singles.  More experienced spinners (Pat, Kathy) – does that sound like a plan?  I can't quite wrap my mind around the fact that it probably won't look like a muddled mess.  But looking at what others have done – I think it will come out quite nicely.  This is Polwarth and is an absolute dream to spin.  I don't even need to predraft:


Off again tomorrow to see the family in Snohomish.  Abby is taking me to see the movie "Babies" and then we'll do some shopping with my sister.  Hopefully there will be time for a little granddaughter snuggling sometime:


8 thoughts on “Endless Edging and Clutter

  1. Oh….how I wish I were worthy of your trust! LOL! I have the same FatCat fibers coming my way. I tried to resist the club this go-around, but I am basically a weak person when it comes to fiber! The Polwarth became available, so I’m in. I think with Ginny’s fibers/colors….you can really do no wrong. I am totally color-ignorant, so I usually close my eyes and trust! Splitting it, chunking it, it’s all good – just a little different. I think it becomes a little more precise when you are trying to make accurate stripes – matching socks, that sort of thing. It is fun to see what other folks do (in the ravelry group). Then there’s always the option of spinning each colorway separately – and doing colorwork.

    I am spinning some Finn right now. It was a surprise colorway, and not at all to my liking. I will probably over-dye it, but who knows, perhaps I will like it once completed. It’s beautiful to work with, and I have a somewhat relaxed attitude about it…. kind of nice.

    Isn’t it true about how busy retirement life really is?? Amazing!

  2. I envy you your ability to get tough with FO’s. I just can’t do it. I sit surrounded by them, reminding me every day of their presence and unfinished state. So, what do I do? Start more, of course! Love the pic of you and the grandbabies. So sweet! Can’t wait until September.

  3. Purging clutter and UFOs is therapeutic. If you don’t love what you are working on, it’s better to start anew with something else. I’ve reached this philosophy in other areas, i.e. if a book is not grabbing me, I don’t have to slog through to the end.

  4. Sounds like a good plan to me 🙂
    I decided to spin mine up separately this month, so I now have 2 skeins of yarn – both are beautiful! My tentative plan is to use them for colorwork hats – spinning some tannish to combine with reds and either white or gray to combine with purple….that plan could change at any moment since I haven’t even started spinning the complimentary colors.

  5. Something about your title- Endless Edging and Clutter – gave me a giggle this morning. Maybe because I cleaned out some overflowing kitchen cupboards this past week and now, after the purge of unheathly and outdated food, they’ve got room to spare. Thinking back, I don’t remember cleaning them out since I retired over six years ago. Now I’m eyeing clutter in other places and wondering what I’ll find when I dig in.

    The edging is gorgeous. Glad it’s on the finish list and not the frog list.

    Frogging what I don’t love has been very freeing. Crafts are to enjoy. We are blessed to live in an abundant society and age where there is no reason to finish something we don’t love.

    I’ll be frogging the bottom half of a deep red gansey soon. Looking forward to learning what that yarn really wants to be.

  6. The shawl edge is fantastic.

    You have a lot more discipline than I do when it comes to culling your projects, but you’ve inspired me to get all the items now hiding in crannies out for a critical appraisal. Whistler looks great from the photo, but the few three-color rows I tried make me sympathize with your decision.

  7. My craft room looks way worse than yours, and I’m not even retired yet. Now I’m scared…
    The lace is beautiful! It will be worth the time and effort.

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