Rain, Rain, Go Away

It's raining, it's pouring.  No snoring that I know of, but we've got a lake in our backyard. 


While this is not unusual for winter, usually by this time of year things have dried out and we get a little more sunshine and warm weather.  We haven't even put our winter clothes away yet.  Brrrr.

This weekend has been a whirlwind of FO's.  Ok, so only 2, but still FO's.  First off – Evenstar:



I really thought the beaded border was going to do me in.  It seemed to take forever.  There was a little drama at the end when I grafted.  I got the wrong sides together (well, actually the right sides together, which was the wrong way), so I had to carefully unpick the grafting, which meant some dropped stitches.  All was fixed in the end and I'm quite pleased.  I may even do this pattern again.  As I've mentioned, I probably will not do a Mystery Shawl again.  I do not like working blind, especially with a pattern that has some "issues".  I won't come right out and call them errors, but there was quite the drama on the Ravelry group, with some members being unfairly criticized for expressing frustration.  I do not need drama in my knitting, so I think group KAL's are probably not my thing.

Also finished were my very first handspun socks!!

Socks 21-23-21

The pattern is Winterscapes, size 0 needles.  Do you notice something?  Yeah, they don't match!  I bought this fiber at the spin-in here in April.  It was sold in packs – one pack makes one sock.  Since these were the last two of this colorway on the table, I assumed they were a perfect match.  Not so.  That was completely my fault for not checking.  I also learned that it is probably wise to spin all the yarn for one project as close in time as possible.  I did another project in between socks and I spun the second batch of fiber a little finer than the first.  So, the first sock is 56 stitches to start and the second is 60.  Despite that, they are about the same size, although they don't quite look like it in the picture.  The photo of both the socks and Evenstar are not very color true – the colors are really much clearer and brighter.  But the rain and gloom has made good color photography challenging at best.

Next week I'm off to Missouri to visit the parents.  So, of course, I gotta get busy and plan my knitting to pack.  I probably won't be taking my computer, so no blogging.  I did pop on down to the Apple store in Lynwood to purchase an iPad to take with me, but alas, they were all sold out.  However, I did order one and it should be here in about three weeks.  Hubby and I are getting it because we are planning a big road trip at the end of summer.  I'm very excited that I have plans on meeting up with some blogging friends.

In the meantime, I close with cute granddaughterly sayings.  I was visiting this week and Isobel and I were out in her front yard making clover necklaces.  A delivery man drove up with a delivery of organic veggies for Abby.  While I was taking the delivery, he said to Isobel, "That's a very pretty necklace you have."  She said, "Thank you.  My grandma made it. (elaborate gesture toward me).  This is my grandma.  Her name is Nana."

11 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. Evenstar is so lovely. Are you planning to actually wear it? Maybe on a road trip so it can be admired in person?

    Congrats on your first handspun socks. Just that fact that you actually got over Second Sock Syndrome for both spinning and knitting is admirable.

    Have a great weekend Nana!

  2. Evenstar is beautiful! Yeah, who needs drama?!

    I like your socks too. 🙂

    You’re the best grandma ever!

    It’s raining here too. Hoping my tomatoes don’t get stunted!

  3. Evenstar came out beautifully – it looks like it was worth any amount of frustration!
    Shoes will cover most of the un-matchiness of the socks. And there’s nothing wrong with fraternal socks…
    Have a great trip!

  4. The shawl is just lovely. And the socks too- I never bother about knitting socks to match.
    I bet the girls will miss their Nana this week. Have a wonderful visit with your parents.

  5. Evenstar is just beautiful, and I think the socks make a nice fraternal pair.

    I was spoiled with KALs because the first few I joined had people with valuable experiences to share. I think that some work but others don’t, and with the wealth of info on Ravelry, it really isn’t necessary to have the support of KAL participants.

    It is too bad you can’t send some of that rain my way. I’ve been out watering my vegetables almost every day, and I wish nature could take a turn at doing it. And its been unseasonably warm.

  6. Evenstar is beautiful! Have you received your yarn from Pullman yet? Please let me know when you get it. FYI – Phil and I are in Victoria BC July 2-9. We will be in Oak Harbor maybe the 1st – definitely the 9-10th. We can have a wedding afghan powwow then. Have a great trip to Missouri.

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