Still Here

I can't believe it's been over a week since I last posted.  I have been quite the busy little bee, though.  Lots of knitting has been accomplished.

First off – I've finished the back and fronts for Ben's sweater:


I'm happy to report that they blocked out to the exact correct measurements!  I'm currently working on the first sleeve and holding my breath.  I had to redraft the pattern.  In looking at the Ravelry posts, it appears the sleeves are just too wide.  I looked at common measurements for the size I'm making, and sure enough, the sleeves as written are 3 inches wider than that!  What was the designer thinking?  Since my son is on the slim side, I knew I'd need to adjust.  So, I got out my Sweaters 101 book and made up a new pattern.  Here's hoping it works.

I also decided I needed to heed the call and knit some hats for Shanti's project.  If you're not familiar with her blog, you really need to head on over.  Shanti is a knitter, but is also getting ready to take command of a Navy ship.  How cool is that??  For Christmas, she would like to give all the sailors under her command (all 278 of them) a care package that includes a hand knitted hat, since the ship is rather cold.  I had put off doing some because I didn't have any 100% washable wool in my stash.  They can't have any acrylic because of the fire hazard.  But another plea went out because the hats just weren't coming in, so I toodled on down to my LYS and picked up three skeins and have almost finished all three Squib Hill hats. 


The yarn I'm using is Plymouth Worsted Merino Superwash.  What a wonderful yarn!  It's a little pricey, but it is incredibly soft and luscious. 

Another pair of socks becomes an FO:


These are Cookie A's BFF socks out of Knit Picks Stroll Tweed.  This is really a nice, basic sock pattern – not as complicated as many of her patterns are.  The pattern is for sale on Ravelry, but if you scroll down on the page, you'll see that you can get it free, which is what I did. (Edited to add – the link I had is not working, but Marguerite sent this: Thanks Marguerite!

The Landscape Shawl is also approaching the end. 


I really do love this pattern, but it has not been without a stumble or two.  The patterns are no-brainers, but you have to be very careful of your stitch count.  It's terribly easy to get off and I've had to drop down and tink a few times because I forgot a decrease or added one where it wasn't needed.

When the granddaughters were here last I decided to give them their scrapbooks.  I figured they were old enough to appreciate them, but was really surprised by what a big hit they were.  They had so much fun looking at all the pages.  When Isobel got to the end of hers, she noticed all the blank page protectors.  She looked at me and said, "These are for all our adventures!"  From the mouths of babes – it really warmed my heart.  So, that does put pressure on me to keep up with our adventures:


Kits used – Harvest by Joanne Brisebois and Thankfully by Krystal Hartley.

It's off to Snohomish today.  I'm sewing dresses for the girls to wear to my mother-in-law's memorial service and I need to try them on before I get too far.  Then off to the Apple store for what I fear is going to be a very expensive battery replacement for my iPod Touch.

5 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. Nice socks! I love that tweedy color….didn’t find the free pattern link though. That’s going to be a really nice vest, a pretty shawl, too! You’ve been busy!

  2. I just checked out her blog. If I read it right (the Sept. post) there are no specifics for these hats? If that’s the case, I have quite a few already made up that I could send. I’ll get hold of her.

    Really like your socks. I have never made that pattern…wonder why? Just too many sock patterns out there, I guess.

    I can’t believe you are moving so quickly on Ben’s sweater! WOW. Course, I see no progress photos of Christmas Advent calenders on your blog…… LOL.

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